Review of the Best Writing Services

What is a writing service review?

A writing service review is a kind of accreditation conducted by a company whose primary objective is to provide an independent evaluation of the quality of the content provided by writing services. These writing services reviews serve as an effective method of quality control which helps to distinguish the poor-quality writing services from the best in the business. They help to provide potential customers with the necessary information they need without having to take any chances. They also help to validate the negative or positive reviews on the site of these writing services.

These reviews are conducted by independent writing service reviewers, by placing an order for an academic paper on the site of these online companies which provide writing services to customers. When the paper is delivered, they now evaluate the quality in order to determine if the results are in line with the responses and testimonies of their previous users. It is also worthy to note that the reviews provided by these writing service review companies are totally independent and free of all form of bias. Therefore, there is no need to be worried about the fact that the evaluation might have been conducted in favor of or against one party or another.

How to find honest review service?

There have been many complaints from clients, especially first-time clients, who have not yet discovered the tactics used when buying written content online. These complaints are mostly related to various issues like plagiarism, poor content quality, lateness in delivery and a host of other problems.

It is very difficult to find a writing service which is 100% honest, but there are many of them that are very close to perfection. The biggest problem which students face when they want to buy their academic papers online is identifying an honest writing service. The main objective is trying to evaluate the quality of the paper in order to see if they are the same as that which they have on the site. Here are some of the qualities which one has to look for to determine an honest review service:

  1. Plagiarism – This is the greatest of all sins when it comes to academic writing. It does not matter if the idea was paraphrased or not copied in full, it still counts as plagiarism. In order to save yourself the problem of having to rewrite a paper, when you receive your paper from the online writing service, you have to run your own plagiarism check to see if the level is within the acceptable limit. The best writing services have a zero-tolerance policy against all forms of plagiarism. Therefore, this is a very important benchmark for the integrity of the services they offer.
  2. Content quality – The quality of the content in the paper depends absolutely on the ability of the writer. Most writing services assign tasks to writers at random. The result of this is that most writers end up with tasks which are not in their area of specialization which they end up making a mess of. There is no way an economics major can write a thesis on calculus at the same level as a math major. More so, some writers just make use of unnecessary words just to attain the word count limit. In the end, your paper despite meeting the requirements in terms of the number of words fails to lack the desired quality and depth.
  3. Grammatical errors – A good paper should be free of all kinds of grammatical and syntax error. It should also be written in proper and formal English language without the use of slangs and short forms. This is a very important prerequisite for all professional academic writers.
  4. Consistency in pricing – The cost of a document per page should be the same as that which is on the site. It is also worthy to note that the deadline, as well as other additional features also add to the total cost of a paper. Therefore, after all these factors have been put into consideration, you should try to determine if the final amount you are told to pay is coherent with that which is provided on the pricing list. You should never pay an extra dime more than that which the writing service has on this list except when you request other features which require extra payment.

How to compare writing services?

There is no perfect writing service. The only way to determine the quality of the content delivered by a writing service is by comparing it to that which is provided by other highly reputable writing services. The key to this is trying to provide a direct comparison between different aspects of the services they offer with that offered by their rivals and contemporaries.

Here are some of the important comparisons to be made:

  • Pricing and discount – Comparing the pricing of two different writing services does not necessarily which one is better, but it helps when one is undecided. It also helps to maintain your budget. Also, you have to take advantage of the discounts provided.
  • Communication – The presence of a means of communication between the customer and the writer is a huge advantage which a writing service can have over the other. Always choose the writing service which follows instructions to the letter and replies to messages in time.
  • Quality – The most common way of comparing two writing services is by comparing their final products. One should check the level of plagiarism and the frequency of occurrence of grammatical errors.
  • Delivery time – It is advisable to use a writing service which can deliver a top-quality paper over the shortest period of time. This helps especially when you have to submit a paper within a very tight deadline.
  • Additional services – Services like free revision, customization and editing are some of the additional services which online writing services use to gain an advantage over their rivals in a competitive marketplace. Other additional services include the presence of a dashboard through which the writer and the client can communicate and the presence of the ratings of the writers in case the client decides to choose their own writer.