Crafted in Bangladesh

Beshi Joss Drums started with the idea of drums customization in terms of sound and looks. Some overview of how things are done is given below.

Raw Materials: Deshi Wood

We at Beshi Joss Drums carefully select and season exotic Bangladeshi woods like Teak, Mahogany, Rose Wood, Neem, Tamarind, Jujube etc. This particular snare as was made of Burma Teak seasoned for 30 years (not kidding). The inclusion of tube lugs adds to the beauty. Price: BDT20000


We are currently making 4 pcs Jazz kits and Rock kits. Here is a sound test of a jazz kit. Price: BDT50000

Stave Drums

We use stave technique for the manufacturing of our shells where extra effort is given to sort out the grains of wood to make our drums stand out of the crowd. The one shown here is made out of Indian Rosewood where the grains are carefully aligned to give the shell a gorgeous look. This is retailed at BDT22000 only.
3"x14" piccolo snare made out of Tamarind wood and 6.5"x14" stave snare made from Mahogany and Burma Teak for Souls, a legendary Bangladeshi rock band. Prices of Piccolo starts from BDT14000 and a standard 5.5"x14" Mahogany stave snare starts from BDT16000.

Mahogany Stave Snares

Mahogany stave snare proved to be very popular. This 4.5"x14" Mahogany stave snare was made for Pavel, the drummer of Chirkutt. Have a listen to the sound of Mahogany and get your mind blown: