Mokarram Hossain

Moka is the first drummer in Bangladesh to be endorsed by an instrument manufacturing company and Beshi Joss Drums are proud to be that company. We are delighted to have him on board since December 2016.
Moka, is an interesting character with only two notable things in his mind. Practice drums 8 hours a day and his studies. His skill levels are over the moon and it is quite evident in the videos he rarely shares. Here is a link:

A. K. Samee

This man from Uttara is the drummer of Owned and is one of the most creative drummers in Bangladesh we have come across. He considers himself a team player and establishes his grooves according to the songs. Energetic on stage and down to earth off it, makes him a very unique individual. He is a musician by heart and spends his time practicing, teaching, recording and kicking butt on stage with his grooves. Here is a link of his performance:

A. K. Rahul

A multitalented musician who is responsible for revolutionizing the underground music scene of Uttara with his skills on guitars and drums and rocking the stage with bands like Poraho and Trainwreck. Inspired by darker forms of metal, he is an aggressive character on stage and is brutal with his limbs on the drums. Here is a link:

Rakib Ul Hasan

Over the year Chattogram has produced some of the best musicians of Bangladesh and there is no exception with this man. This drummer is often considered a total package by many. His skills and understanding of progressive drumming has caught the eyes and ears of many. As a result of which he became the drummer of Artcell. That is a big thing and probably the most challenging job a Bangladeshi drummer will ever come across. Here is a link: