recent writing

Race, Nationalism and Landscape Belonging: Stonehenge on the Summer Solstice

This book chapter thinks about the experience of neolithic culture in Brexit Britain. You can read a version here.

I wrote a short article about Jeremy Deller and prehistory for The Quietus

Racism and Brexit: notes towards an antiracist populism

This article takes Brexit and Farage's right-wing populism as a starting point to consider the populist politics of racism and antiracism. It was published in July 2019 in the Journal of Ethnic and Racial Studies. You can read a version here.

The touch of iconoclasm

This article is about the compelling online videos of iconoclastic destruction of Roman and Neo-Assyrian artefacts by Isis in Northern Iraq in 2015. Thinking about iconoclasm as an ironic rebuttal of the museum’s printed injunction ‘do not touch’, I've been writing a bit about the role of touch in the politics of cultural preservation, using prehistory as a resource of postcolonial critique.

This article was published in April 2018 in the European Journal of Cultural Studies. I've uploaded an author draft here.

Race, debt and the welfare state

I've written on the potential appeal of indebtedness as describing an alternative to racially exclusive forms of belonging to the social-democratic welfare state. I ask: 'could debt provide the ground to a qualitatively new politics of belonging that is not entirely undermined by the inequalities it so evidently produces?'

This was published in May 2016 as 'Race, debt and the welfare state', in an issue of New Formations on 'The Future of Austerity: The Cultural Politics of Indebtedness’

Belonging to a different landscape

I've done some work on the affects of landscape belonging, building on some really interesting work on race in cultural geography. It's my suggestion that antiracists concede too much by simply rejecting racially exclusive attachments to landscape. Rather than dismiss nationalism outright, we can instead steal from it that which makes it most compelling. This was published in February 2016 as 'Belonging to a different landscape: repurposing nationalist affects' in the open access online journal Sociological Research Online, and was shortlisted for the SAGE prize for Innovation/Excellence (2017).