Barre and Pilates Training at The Bennie Barre

What is Barre?

Barre is a workout routine that incorporates ballet, as well as elements of Pilates and yoga into an effective full body workout. We use a stationary barre for balance, as well as small equipment. Hard on muscles but kind on joints, barre utilizes isometric moves that target, tone and fatigue muscle. Embrace the shaking as it’s totally natural for your muscles to quiver! Barre can help you build core strength, challenge and strengthen balance, improve posture and tone and strengthen muscles. While most work done at the barre strengthens legs and seats, classes include arm and core toning along with cardio movement for a full body workout. No dance background is required: expect to see plies, releve, lunges and squats-among other exercises- as we tuck, tone and build a lean dancer's physique. As effective as barre is- it's also fun! Classes are choreographed to enjoyable music that makes the hour fly by and feel like a party. I can't wait to see you at the barre!

Meet Meredith

Meredith is an enthusiastic lover of all things movement, wife to a talented and supportive husband and mother of three. (1 boy, 2 girls). Outside of the fitness world, Meredith has a background in theater and vocal performance and is a book lover with a BS in English, emphasis in literary studies.

Born and raised in Pennsylvania, she has been dancing and practicing Pilates from a young age and has been teaching Pilates for a few years throughout Utah County. After certifying in barre she fell in love and has been teaching and finding it a perfect fit for her feisty, sassy spirit. She loves to bring the beauty of Pilates to the mini-reformer and tower/springs- strengthening and toning bodies from the very core.

Building strength physically, spiritually and mentally is a passion and she loves meditation and writing/recording and using positive affirmations: thoughts are so powerful!

What You Can Find at The Bennie Barre

Small Group Barre Classes: find a spot at the stationary barre where you can feel like a proper ballerina as you tone full body- with a special focus on the legs and seat. Classes utilize: hand weights, small balls, resistance bands, yoga blocks, sliders and body bars.

Small Group Springboard Classes

Experiencing the springboards is a MUST! This practice is amazing for developing strength, muscle tone, core awareness and balance in the body. With a 3-person class size, you will receive individual assistance and attention and you will love how you feel in this class!

Private Training Sessions: private training is very personal and for all ages and fitness levels. This training utilizes standing exercises at the barre and with small tools that can be practiced at home- but especially work on the Pilates apparatus. Expect in your sessions to practice suspension training on the yoga trapeze, Pilates training on the mini reformer and amazing sculpting and toning on the tower- utilizing the springs. This training will leave you feeling worked, sculpted and toned without heavy impact or pressure on the joints. Training, over time, will increase flexibility and mobility, improve posture and leave the body feeling stronger and more comfortable in everyday activities. You will sculpt and tone from the very core and improve body awareness, preventing injuries in other areas of your life.

(see services and schedule for further details)

Introducing Bennie Barre at

Core Fit Studio in Lehi

Core Fit Opens 12/3/2018 and you can find my Barre class and Mat Pilates there! Come join me in the small group fitness room at my scheduled time. Typically you must be a member of the studio to attend classes there but in the first few weeks we are opening classes up and I will be offering FREE CLASSES. Does it get any better than that?

Barre is Saturday morning at 9am.

I'm preparing for my grand opening and I want to hear from YOU!