Workshops & Professional Support

Below are some of the frequently requested workshops and Keynotes but a customized presentation can be developed to meet your specific needs. Contact Cory at or at 01-808-386-3373 and I will help you create the professional development event perfect for your context.

Number Talks & Reasoning Talks

Number talks are ideal in supporting procedural and conceptual understanding of mathematics ans should be a part of every elementary classroom. For Middle and high school, implementation is frequently different due to the nature of the content. This workshop can either focus on successful implementation in the elementary grades or be targeted for middle level teachers looking to leverage the benefits of number talks in the middle grades and promote mathematical and problem solving behaviors in their classroom.

Time: 1-6 hours

Bridging the Gap: Building Effective Coaching Practices

Instructional coaches play a key role in supporting and developing teachers content and pedagogical content knowledge. This workshop focuses on key components of effective coaching practices that lead to increased professional capacity. Ideal for schools or coaches who are just beginning or for novice coaches looking to refine their practice.

Time: 1-6 hours

A multi-day classroom-embedded session can also be added on to practice and get feedback based on learnings from workshop.

Developing Instructional Leadership

Principals and other school leaders instructional leadership is critical to the success and continued growth of the teachers in their schools. This workshop focuses on how to use real-time evidence of student learning from any content area K-12 to provided focused and relevant feedback to teachers.

Time: 2-6 hours

Aligning Curriculum and Instruction

A clear plan between curriculum, assessment, and instruction are well understood but aligning the school's professional goals to this work is equally important. Understanding the nature of professional support needed, based on curricular resources and instructional practices helps ensure that the nature and quality of learning in the classroom is being realized as intended. This workshop focuses on how to map school goals and priorities, align professional support, and develop short-term and long-term plans to assess professional growth for administrators and teachers alike.

Time: 1-3 hours

Creating Cultures of Participation

The norms and cultures of the classroom are highly critical elements in establishing meaningful discursive interactions that support students' learning. Yet, knowing that discourse can support student learning is not sufficient in creating the structures to help discourse come alive in the classroom. Creating a classroom culture of participation is a necessary first step in implementing meaningful discourse and creating equitable learning experiences. This workshop centers on the practices, strategies, and classroom norms to create classroom cultures of participation.

Time: 2-6 hours

Focused Discussions

Learning to communicate and reason effectively in mathematics are important and necessary skills within a global society and teachers play a fundamental role in designing and enacting curricula that can help students build these needed skills. This workshop focuses on learning structures and strategies that support all learners to develop their listening and communication skills through small group and whole-class discussions.

Time: 2-6 hours