What people are saying about Dr. Bennett

"Our teachers and teacher leaders have benefited from his insight into teaching and learning and his willingness to work directly with teachers in their classrooms. This kind of work is critical to understanding how to actually implement effective teaching and learning strategies." ~ School Director, Kuwait

"What great training! We need more and very informative sessions like this." ~ Primary Teacher, Bahrain

"I have learned to apply critical maths techniques. I also learned how to ask those critical, thinking questions to students. I now notice an increase in student participation and numerous ways of solving the same problem in class. " ~ Secondary Teacher, Kuwait

"Cory was so helpful. This is first time that I could understand the meaning and explanation of standards in common core curriculum in my 3 years of American school teaching experience in UAE. " ~ Primary Teacher, United Arab Emirates

"Dr. Bennett has helped me to shift the intent of math classroom observations from teacher focused to student focused. I now understand the kind of math learning I should be looking for." ~Primary Principal, Kuwait

"Dr. Bennett has had a huge impact on my work. He has been instrumental in teaching me the ins and outs of effective [instructional] coaching." ~ Mathematics Coach, Kuwait