Scholar, Investor, Researcher

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), Religion Department, Rice University

Doctor of Law (J.D.), South Texas College of Law

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), Accounting, University of Houston


Dr. Brochstein earned his PhD in Religion from Rice University in 2015 where his main research focus was spiritual and energetic healing. He is a federally funded researcher who has taught yoga at the Boustany Hatha Yoga Studios, the Houston Country Club, and Rice University. Dr. B. has also taught undergrads and medical students about alternative and complimentary healing methods both at Rice and the McGovern Center for the Humanities and Ethics at UTHealth.  Formerly, he was a CPA with Arthur Andersen in Houston, a Texas litigator in private practice, and a database designer, programmer and administrator. He is also an adventure investor, participating in a variety of private companies and serving as a Judge of the Rice Business Plan Competition for 15 consecutive years.

In the 1980’s Dr. B. began experimenting with a variety of powerful energetic healing methods. Inexplicable successes led him to look deeply into the practical and philosophical underpinnings of successful healing, and to teach people how to heal themselves and others. That path led him to Rice University, a top research institute with a strong program in Religion that specialized in Gnosticism, Esotericism, and Mysticism - academic silos where evidence about spiritual healing is stored. He is one of the first to receive the Religion department’s GEM certificate. He is interested in developing radiant health while slowing or even reversing the ageing process. (Aging can not be reversed, but loss of fitness and flexibility are both known to be reversible symptoms of aging.)

Professional Experience