About Us

Belvoir MOPS/MOMSnext fosters authentic community where women are empowered, equipped, and inspired in their roles as mothers, spouses, leaders, and members of the military community. MOPS/MOMSnext provides mothering support, personal growth, and spiritual hope that in turn promotes family readiness and resiliency

Where and when? We meet at the Woodlawn Chapel on Fort Belvoir

 We meet on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday mornings of the month. We also meet during the day for Mommy & Me Meetups/ playdates throughout the year. 

Our morning meetings begin at 9:45am and end at 11:30am.  Our daytime Mommy & Me meetup playdates will typically take place late mornings to allow for school drop offs and morning routines. As a rule, when Fairfax County Public Schools are closed or delayed, MOPS is cancelled. 

What do we do at MOPS/MOMSnext? Belvoir MOPS/MOMsnext is a place designed especially for moms!  While no MOPS meeting is exactly the same, we generally follow the same format: 

While your children will eventually grow up, you'll never outgrow what you gain at MOPS. MOPS equips you with parenting knowledge and leadership skills to better influence your family, community and world.

What do our kids do at MOPS? While we are enjoying our time in our meetings, if you are utilizing our limited watchcare option, your children are being lovingly cared for in our MOPS Kids program, designed for children aged 1 year to age 5. Babies under a year old are welcome to stay with you in our meetings. 

Drop off begins at 9:30 and pick up is at 11:30. 

Please read over our MOPS Kids policies for more information about MOPS Kids.