Products from the hives

100% Pure, Fresh, Raw and Local Honey, Pollen, Propolis, Royal Jelly, Venom and Wax are the fruits of the hives we offer and use in the products we make available to the public. Some are seasonal and are in limited supply at this time due to resource availability.
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Local Honey - Out of stock

2021 Spring Wildflower Blend
Pure Raw Unfiltered Unprocessed Honey

South Central Texas - Bexar County (click or tap for more)

The Honey we harvest is offered seasonally by the pound or quart mason jars. Most is sold for consumption as table honey, but we also have honey based products from the lab that work great for burn treatments as well as other medical and first-aid applications. Watch for ordering information coming soon.

Bee Venom Therapy

After years of research and development, we are pleased to announce the release of our latest formula BeePainless®

1 oz or 2 oz bottle

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Royal Jelly - Out of Stock

2021 Harvest

South Central Texas - Bexar County

Propolis Tincture is 65-70% propolis and the balance is a Non-GMO Cane Ethyl Alcohol. There are multiple beneficial uses for propolis including: (click or tap for more)

  • Treatment for burns and cuts

  • Remedy for urinary infections

  • Remedy for dental plaque

  • Immune system strengthener

  • Treatment for cold sores, genital herpes and other viruses

  • Treatment for dermatitis and acne

  • Relief for sore throats or inflamed tonsils

  • Preventative treatment to ward off oncoming colds

  • Treatment for ulcers

  • Relief for arthritis and other joint pain

Watch for ordering information coming soon.

Beeswax - Out of stock

2021 Local Harvest
15lb Blocks

South Central Texas - Bexar County (click or tap for more)

Wax comes in 15 oz. blocks of 100% pure beeswax. Beeswax is perfect for making your own lip balms, skin creams, candles, crafts, archery, wood working, polishing, installing glass, sewing, and waterproofing.

Watch for ordering information coming soon.