About Us

We are bee friendly folks that have learned a thing or two about hive mentality - working together for the greater good of the colony has its advantages.
We aspire to live in such harmony and enjoy a healthier lifestyle. We should all have a strong interest in protecting
and utilizing our environment and natural resources in a sustainable fashion. Here at the Bee Tree, we are all about keeping things real, keeping things organic and non-GMO and keeping things affordable.

Along with offering local honey, and other products from the hive, to a growing number of knowledgeable consumers. We are also developing product lines that are helping people with a variety of health and fitness goals as well as dietary concerns and in some cases chronic pain issues.

In fact, our latest formula, BeePainless®, is a product that has been proven effective in controlling pain associated with arthritis and other inflammation, related issues. Our return customers report that they are now enjoying daily activities pain free again. A few have even postponed or canceled surgery.

This is very inspirational to us and drives us to continue down the path we are on and reach for more.

We are still on a Mission… We have reached multiple goals, but there are more to challenges ahead and more uncharted territory to discover in the amazing realm of Honey Bees.

We striving to keep healthy bees and we are continuously finding more ways that the bees are able to assist in keeping us healthy.

In the Fields

Our team of experienced beekeepers only remove the surplus portions from the hives. These products are harvested using the most recent high tech, safe and humane extraction methods from healthy mature hives.

In the Labs

We develop our solutions in safe, sterile and humane environments for the bees and the staff. We use 100% organic therapeutic grade ingredients in our formulas.

For the Colony

Using resources from the hives to produce healthy and affordable solutions to the worldwide community.

Contact us for more information. Ask about our upcoming products and our distribution wholesale opportunities. Sales@BeeTreeLabs.com