Build a Personal Library

Readers are thinkers. Thinkers shape our world. Even with a plethora of accessible technological devices, thinking may soon be a lost art...and then what for our planet?

Listen, I want to be a force for change for the next generations. One way I can do that is to do my part to help shape thinkers.

So, I want to let you in on my mission, lean in: I want every child in my community to have a personal library. So I googled "personal library" just for kicks and giggles and "Dr. Google" told me that a personal library is approximately 70 books for starters. Wow! This will be no small feat!

Since I put it out there/here and I'm now wrangling you, dear reader, onto my merry, band-wagon of change-I can't turn back now.

I'm going to start with you. Let's do this together. Let's get some amazing books into the hands of the children whose lives you are a part of. Your mini's, your niece, your nephew, little cousin, neighbor's kids, pathfinder club kids, boy/girl scout troop...there is a child or two or three that could use your attention and encouragement in cultivation of the love of reading and further development of the art of thinking.

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That's a good start.

The next step is to drop some books in your shopping cart! Shipping is super fast and free for orders over $75!