It still takes a village to raise a child

Think back to your childhood. Any stage. Do you remember that person that made you feel like you were special? That you belonged to the community you were growing up in? What did they do? laugh at your jokes? Send you birthday cards with little gifts? Look you in the eye when you were talking as if no one else was in the world with you two?

That person was a Bond Builder. Bond Builders are not just moms and dads, but aunties, uncles, big cousins, grand-parents, god-parents, good neighbors and the folks your parents worked with or went to school with.

We need that support around our children in a tech obsessed, socially connected-disconnected, post COVID world. That support is in the form of a modern village helping raise our children together to become psychologically healthy, socially wealthy, contributing members of society.

Here at Bond Builders, we partner with community agencies and organizations, individuals and churches, small groups and neighborhoods to teach adults through engaging presentations how to use practical resources, like Usborne Books and More books, to bond with the children whose village they are a part of and build self worth and a sense of belonging to the village-intentionally nurturing these kids for brighter futures!


See what professionals like pediatrician Dr. Crystal Narcisse are saying about the Bond Builder events!

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