Dr. David Malicke

  • Program Director


I'm glad you stopped by to take a look at our site. I hope you come by and take a look at the program in person, for you will surely be impressed.

I have been involved in many residency programs throughout my career, and I am well aware of what it takes to train a great Emergency Medicine physician. Our residents will boast of their lifestyle and moonlighting opportunities, but do not be dissuaded. I have fine-tuned the curriculum so that there is little idle time doing "scut work" and activities that are non-pertinent to their training. Thus, they are able to maintain a life-work balance that is unsurpassed in many programs, without any loss in number of procedures or patients seen.

I also hold them to the highest academic standards possible. There are no shifts the night before didactic conference days, but in return, I expect top scores from each of them throughout their yearly inservice examinations and boards. My methods have proved successful in the prior graduating classes, with our recent graduates scoring standard deviations above the mean and landing their dream jobs in cities across the country.

Finally, we hold our attending physicians to the same high standards. In any instance that we have found an attending to hinder our academic goals, they have not been allowed back into our training sites, no questions asked. Our large group of staffing physicians has come to value and respect our residents in such an outstanding way that it can only be fully appreciated in person.

Please, let us know if you have any further questions, and I hope to see you soon!

- Dr. Malicke

Dr. Zafar Shamoon

  • Assistant Program Director - Dearborn
  • Director of Emergency Department, Beaumont - Dearborn

Dr. Melanie Aaberg

  • Assistant Program Director - Trenton
  • Director of Resident Research

Joan Garza