I am a part time employee. Do I have to pay dues?

Yes. All union members must pay dues. You may pay only partial dues, but it depends on your FTE. It is not prorated such that 0.7 FTE pays 70% of the total dues cost. If the member is 0.51-1.0 FTE, they must pay full dues, per IEA’s rules. There are also partial dues amounts for those with 0.26-0.5 FTE and 0.1-0.25 FTE

I am already in the IEA with another local union (BSEO or another district). Do I need to pay the full amount to both?

No. Please let the membership chairperson know so that we can adjust your dues. IEA will calculate the dues so that you do not pay more than 100% of the membership costs. It is recommended that you remind the membership chairperson every year to ensure that your dues are correct.

How are my dues calculated?

NEA and IEA set the dues amounts for their organizations. These dues are voted upon by the representatives at the IEA and NEA RAs. Full time BEA dues are $75. That is the only money that stays here are the local level. BEA makes payments to IEA-NEA on your behalf. Included in your IEA dues is $30 which is used for political action. This money can be refunded to you if you write to IEA. Please contact the membership chair for directions on this. In addition, some members elect to donate to the Fund for Children and Public Education. This is used for political action.

Can I change the amount I donate to the Fund for Children and Public Education?

Yes, this can be adjusted at any time by contacting the membership chairperson. If members elect to donate when they first fill out their membership form, this donation will continue to be withdrawn every year.