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    • 2019 - 2021Officers:
      • President: Melissa Atteberry
      • BHS Vice President: Corey Coots
      • BMS Station Vice President: Ed Bryson
      • Elementary Vice President: Jennifer Hintz

    • 2019 NEA RA Delegates:
      • Stephanie Blatchley
      • Alison Rohrbach
      • Elizabeth Thake
      • Cecilia Villegas
      • Todd Wiencek
      • Alternate: Dodd Mohr

    • 2019 By-Law Revisions: Passed 309 to 7

  • Repeal The 3% (See IEA Updates below for link)
    • The current 3% salary cap for educators impacts all of our earnings. Districts must contribute additional money to the state if any educator's salary is increased by more than 3%. Whether that increase is due to continuing education or picking up additional duties, the district will be penalized. This was a change from the past practice and our current contract language of 5.5% (Illinois cap of 6%). We would like to reinstate the higher increases for our future earnings, but that will not be possible without this repeal. This repeal is necessary to preserve our current benefits!

The BEA is asking you to please consider signing this petition from the IEA.

It's your future and your lifetime earnings!

  • Payroll Questions?
    • Click HERE for communication from the district regarding paychecks

Local Updates:

Dear Colleagues,

On April 2nd there are two important votes which directly impact our working conditions. The Board of Education is asking voters to approve a $185 million dollar referendum. Voter approval of this referendum would address learning space needs as well as improve overall safety and security in all buildings. At a recent Board of Directors meeting, the BEA decided to endorse this measure as we feel it is overall beneficial to students and all stakeholders.

In addition, on April 2nd, voters have an opportunity to vote for three open positions on the Board of Education. After attending a forum and reaching out to the candidates, the BEA has decided to endorse the following candidates: Barry Altshuler, Leah Collister-Lazzari, and incumbent Angela Wilcox. The Executive Committee feels that these candidates will continue with our mission of excellence in terms of teachers and overall educational experiences.

If you live in the community, please get the word out and vote.

Thank you,

BEA Executive Board

BEA Scholarship Application:

BEA Scholarship 2018-2019.pdf

IEA Updates:

2018-2019 Membership Forms

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New Member Form 18-19.pdf

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We celebrate the pride in our professional commitment to the children in Barrington School District 220. Thank you for your support!

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