Dear Friends of the Ploenchit Fair,

We are sorry to announce that the Fair will not be going ahead this year. Although there has been a relaxation of the rules, this has come too late for us to get the Fair up and running by the end of November.

The good news is that we will be starting to work on the Ploenchit Fair 2022, which, may come at an earlier date next year.

With support from you and our major donors we have been able to continue to allocate funds for the needy in Thailand throughout 2021, including several COVID related emergencies.

We will keep our Ploenchit Fair community up to date with our new plans soon!

Thank you for all your support throughout the years.

BCTFN Foundation and Ploenchit Fair Organising Committee


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BCTFN would like to thank all involved in the very successful first ever Bangstock Music Festival held last December.

Here are some of the team at the extremely auspicious occasion of the presentation of the cheque from the 2020 Bangstock mega rock concert.

Along with Shenanigans and LawtonAsia, RSM Thailand was the major sponsor for this event which featured some of Bangkok’s finest reputable rock bands including Cottonmouth, the Grumps and of course RawHyde. Every little bit helps and we know that some of Thailand’s most “needy” will benefit from the fine efforts of Les Walsh, Robin Westley Martin and John Campbell! RSM Thailand and RawHyde were most privileged to play its part in this great initiative!

KIS raised an incredible 26,789 Baht

All from the sale of their masks