All Board Meetings taking place after June 2023 can be found on the new program, Diligent.



(All meeting are scheduled for 6:00 PM in the Administrative Office)

 Upcoming Meeting Dates Coming Soon!

To contact the BCCS Governing Board Chairperson, email Kate Von Glahn @

To contact the BCCS School Administrator, email Missy Harrod @

Board Meeting Attendance and Participation

BCCS encourages attendance at its meetings, however, the following policy is in place to ensure order and the timely execution of meetings. 

Thank you for following this policy. 

BCCS Board Policy Manual

SECTION 4. Speakers

SECTION 4.1 Any member of the public may attend any regularly scheduled or called Board meeting, with the exception of Executive Sessions, which are defined more fully below. Members of the public in attendance at a Board meeting may not speak, participate in, ask questions, present material (hereinafter referred to collectively as “Speak”) or otherwise disrupt or interrupt the Board Meeting.

SECTION 4.2. If a member of the public wishes to Speak at a Board meeting, he/she must provide notice to the Administrator not less than 36 hours prior to the Meeting of their desire to Speak. Notice shall include a brief description of the topic upon which they will Speak and identify any guests or other members of the public they intend to bring.

SECTION 4.3 The decision of whether a member of the public shall be permitted to Speak at a Board meeting is at the discretion of the Board. Any member of the public who is granted permission to Speak at a Board meeting shall have a total of two minutes to do so.

SECTION 4.4 Board Members may, at their discretion, ask questions of the Speaker, but are not required to answer questions or to respond to the Speaker in any way.  If the Board determines that a reply or other action is warranted in response to the Speaker, the Board may notify the Speaker of the same within 48 hours.