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Digital Services: Analog photos, 35mm slides, Videos, documents digitized and more


We take care of estates,  as well as the needs of individuals and businesses. 

Enjoy those special moments and share them with loved ones. It's the best GIFT that will be treasured!

Video Tapes Digitized

We transfer analog video to .mp4 format. If you prefer another format, please specify at the time you place your order.

35mm slides

Once transferred your slide image to .jpeg, it will be easy to enjoy them, as well as share and have a slide show created! 

Albums and Boxful of photos digitized to .jpeg

We digitize photos up to 8" x 10"

NOTE: We do not develop film (e.g., Kodak film canisters) 

Find and share easily your files!

Getting in touch with the past, sharing the present, and making new memories for the future has never been easier.

If you have other digital needs, let us know and see if we can help you. 


How do I get my files? You have several options: 

1. We create a DVD per video tape in .mp4 format. If you need it in a different format, please let us know before

2. USB Thumb Drive: Your memories on USB drive - you are welcome to provide us with sealed/new drive.

We advise our clients to have at least 2 backup of your archival files for safe keeping. Note: you need to access it at least twice a year, in order for it not to deteriorate.

Please mention at time of placing your order which format you like it converted: All film can be converted into files such as AVI, MPEG, Mp4, WMV and Apple MAC Quicktime files MOV. If you don't mention your preference, we transfer to .mp4 format. 

All Originals Are Returned: After memories are digitized, they are safely returned back to you!

We do not process copyrighted materials, unless you are the owner.

We digitize audio cassettes. As well as documents to searchable .pdf files it's best way to de-clutter and get all that paperwork digitized!

We process in the order that we receive. RUSH orders: add $50.00 subject to availability.  


Set up an appointment by 

email inquiries: BaysideDigital2000 @

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