Lenten Schedule

Monday's: Mass at 7:30am at St. Philomena Church 

Tuesday's: 5pm Confession at St. Philomena

5:30pm Mass at St. Philomena

6pm Stations of the Cross at St. Philomena

Wednesday's: 4:30pm Confession/Adoration at St. Anne

5:30pm Mass at St. Anne

6pm Stations of the Cross at St. Anne

6:15pm Bible Study at the Landsmann Center

Thursday's: Mass at 12:10pm at St. Anne

12:40pm Rosary/St. Anne Novena Prayer at St. Anne

Lenten Meals

This week's Lenten Meal--Crawfish Belle River.  Don't miss out on this delicious dish!

Order using this link: https://forms.gle/L4JT45oEpYge1gjN6

Pay by Venmo or Pay at pick up-see details in post. 

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Steubenville South Registration is now open!

Calling all incoming 9th-12th Graders. Steubenville Conference will take place this year on June 21st-23rd. The guest speakers are always amazing, we enjoy fellowship, great live music and powerful prayer time.

Please contact Jackie Bailey at the church office to register!


Wednesdays 6:15pm-7:15pm at the Landsmann Center 

The study will begin with a video explanation of the upcoming Sunday Mass readings by Brant Pitre followed by a group discussion.

The study is designed to give a more in-depth understanding of the Sunday readings.

From the Pastor: February 25, 2024 - 2nd Sunday of Lent


We revisit the Transfiguration this week; what a fantastic event!  Peter is so overtaken by it that he appears to go into shock and starts rambling about building booths there to commemorate the moment.  Not only do they witness Moses, Elijah, and Jesus in their transfigured glory, but God the Father speaks directly to them! Then, He instructs these three inner Apostles not to share the experience with the others until He is raised from the dead.  Imagine having to hold in such a transforming, life-changing experience; I don’t think I could do it.

Luke’s version informs us that the purpose of the meeting of Jesus and the two branches of Jewish belief, the Law and the Prophets, was so that Jesus could discuss His departure with them.  I’m thankful Luke recorded what the Apostles heard them speaking about, but Jesus didn’t need to transform to converse with these two.  He could have done that in prayer anytime.  And God the Father’s interaction with the Apostles has nothing to do with Jesus’s coming departure.  The event atop Mount Tabor was a gift to bolster their faith and carry them through the coming event on Golgotha, His crucifixion.  We may take for granted His human nature dying, but the dogma of two natures in one body would not grace the Church for over a hundred more years.  How could they process seeing Divinity die?  It also reaffirms for them that they are to transform the religion by which man worships the true God; Judaism is out - and Christianity is in. The Law and Prophets are not replaced by the Lord but fulfilled through Him.

We all seek a transfiguration this Lent.  We seek clarity in our goals in life. We yearn for a more personal interaction with God so we can order all our desires toward Him and rise above the challenges and distractions of this fleeting life. Let us open our hearts and minds in the presence of the Lord, in Adoration, in the quiet, and invite His interaction.  Pray that he will send someone or some event into your life to spark that intimate conversion if He doesn’t provide it directly Himself.


Fr. Eddie

The Diocese of Baton Rouge, in conjunction with all Dioceses in the United States, will be taking part in the National Eucharistic Revival, which began on The Feast of Corpus Christi (June 19, 2022) and go until June 2025. 

The Revival is a grassroots movement of Catholics, each responding to the gift of the Eucharist in their own way. 

To learn more about the Revival and how you can take part in it, visit https://diobr.org/eucharisticrevival or eucharisticrevival.org

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