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From the Pastor: August 14, 2022; 20th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Tough Love

“Do you think that I have come to establish peace on the earth?

No, I tell you, but rather division… Father against son and son against father…”

These words of Jesus, the Prince of Peace, from our Gospel today are very alarming! Taken out of context they can be very confusing. This is a clear example of how we are to read Scripture in its entirety; not as separate, stand-alone pericopes. Yet this is a difficult truth, even when correctly understood.

The Prince of Peace is telling his disciples to establish true peace in our world, society, families, and individual hearts, some hard times of unwanted change must be endured. Just as a broken bone needs to be painfully “set” to allow it to heal. We can’t skip over the tough love that is often involved in rooting out harmful and destructive choices. And these “corrective sufferings” are never more difficult than when they involve someone you love deeply.

A parent who has no choice but to allow their child to hit bottom so they will finally be motivated to implement change or seek help knows what I’m speaking of. For those in the downward spiral of drugs, your prayer is that moment comes before the drugs end or otherwise ruin your loved one's life.

A dear friend once called me and asked if I could help move his son in with his girlfriend. I responded that although I wished only the best for his son and his girlfriend, I was a deacon and there was no way I could participate in something so contrary to God’s plan for love. It would be scandalous. He responded that he wasn’t in favor of it either, but they were going to do it anyway and he didn’t want to endanger their relationship. Parenting can be so tough! Likewise for friendships and all loving relationships.

Yet, eternal souls may hang in the balance. Both ours and theirs!

It is so hard to take actions that can jeopardize your relationship. Meet them where they are. Love them where they are. But sometimes we have to love someone enough to risk losing them. What an irony of life that may be the truest love of all.

May God grant each of us the courage, wisdom, and strength to love each other as He loves us.

God Bless!


Fr. Eddie

The Diocese is partnering with Our Lady of the Lake and the St. John Paul II Foundation to host the Converging Roads Medical Ethics Conference that will be taking place in Baton Rouge this upcoming August.

Converging Roads is a regional conference series offering continuing education for health care professionals that equips them to practice the highest ethical and medical standards of their profession. Through collaboration with dioceses, hospitals, and universities, Converging Roads provides health care professionals, chaplains, students, and administrators with the most up-to-date training in health care ethics enabling them to more effectively care for their patients. To learn more about the upcoming Baton Rouge conference, visit

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