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In an ever-changing world, Jesus is the answer to the longing of our hearts for meaning, fulfillment, security and LOVE. Join hundreds of teens to experience the peace of Jesus Christ, who is our REGUGE! "Come to me, all you who labor and are burdened, and I will give you rest." Matthew 11:28

From the Pastor: April 3, 2023; Palm Sunday

I hope you have enjoyed the “Little Black Book” meditations this Lenten season.  It points out that as we read the Passion of Christ according to Matthew today we will hear several things unique to his gospel such as:

+ Jesus’s instructions to Peter after he launches into the arresting throng with his sword, proving he was indeed willing to die with and for Christ.  Jesus reminds Peter he could call down more than 12 legions of angels to defend Him, but the scriptures must be fulfilled in this way.

+ Judas’s regrets, his returning the 30 pieces of silver, and his hanging himself.

+ Pilate’s Gentile wife’s dream of that “righteous man.”

+ Pilate’s washing of his hands.

+ The earthquake and dead rising from their tombs.

As the author points out, Matthew wants to give us a deeper meaning; that “what is taking place affects the earth and heavens, both this life and the life after death.”  It is in fact the greatest and most impactful event of all time, especially for us!

His “fun fact” for today involves the movement of the “pagan” obelisk that stands today in the center of St. Peter’s square.  I’d like to relate the rest of the story, as Paul Harvey used to say.  Peter was crucified within a few feet of and facing this obelisk, which Caligula brought to Rome to reiterate that Rome had conquered the greatest civilization of the ancient world, Egypt.  It was intended as an insult to Peter, as the last thing he would see on this earth and to drive home Caligula’s belief that the Roman gods were superior to the Egyptian gods and his God; else wise, he wouldn’t be dying.  

It was moved from its original location to its present location to emphasize that Peter’s God and the Catholic church He founded and leads, had now conquered pagan Rome.  The sphere at its peak, meant to honor the Egyptian sun god, was replaced by the cross through which Christ, his Church, and Peter have conquered.

Let us fully participate in as many of the events of Holy Week as we can and ensure Christ has conquered and rules our hearts, minds, and souls.

A holy Holy Week to you all!

God Bless!


Fr. Eddie

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