Limar Italia was founded in 1986 in the historic town of Bergamo in Northern Italy. These were the early days of performance cycling helmets and we were there from the beginning. One of the first riders to collaborate with us was the great Italian World Champion, Gianni Bugno. Gianni had three simple requests for his racing helmet, make it “compatto, leggero e veloce” - compact, light and fast. These three tenets hold true today and serve as our daily inspiration to design and build the world’s finest racing helmets for our sport’s greatest champions.


Eric's Advice

"We had fun discussing automobile design as a source of inspiration, which is incredibly relevant but one dramatic difference is that you wear a helmet. On your head! A helmet is unique compared to other product design categories, it's not enough to simply create a functional & beautiful object. That beautiful object has to look good in relation to someone's face.

During my career at Giro, we refined our approach to make sure that we were getting the prototypes onto people's heads as early in the process as possible.

Impossible to design a helmet only on the computer or in the model shop. Getting the design on a person, outside, in relevant apparel with appropriate eyewear, dramatically improved our success rate and saved us a ton of money on wasted tooling...

I would encourage the students to create as much "context" as possible by sketching the helmets on heads.

A small but incredibly important insight".

Limar Italia/Autodesk Competition Kickoff - Zoom Recording

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