Barton E. Lee

Hi! I'm a PhD candidate in Economics at the University of New South Wales (UNSW), Sydney, Australia under the supervision of Haris Aziz, Gabriele Gratton, and Richard Holden. Over the 2018-19 academic year I will be a visiting student/fellow at Harvard University.

My main research interests relate to topics within political and organizational economics. In particular, I am interested in the implications of agency problems and strategic communication in politics.

However I have very broad interests and concurrently pursue research in areas such as EconCS (algorithmic mechanism design, and voting theory), and mathematics (dynamical systems and graph limit theory).


  • December 2018: I was awarded the John McMillan Prize for the Best Paper in Economics by a PhD Student for my recent working paper `Strategic Ambiguity in Politics'
  • December 2018: My joint-work `Political Capital' (with Gratton, G., and Holden, R.) has been accepted at the Australasian Economic Theory Workshop (AETW) 2019
  • October 2018: I will be visiting Harvard University (EconCS group, hosted by David Parkes) as a Fellow January - July 2019.
  • May 2018: I will be partaking in an exchange program at Harvard University (Economics) for the 2018 Fall term.
  • May 2018: I will be presenting a recent paper titled `Mechanism Design without Money for Common Goods' at the UNSW Econ Theory Workshop (joint work with Haris Aziz, Hau Chan, and David Parkes)
  • Feb 2018: My most recent working paper has been accepted at the Royal Economic Society (RES) Symposium of Junior Researchers to be held at Sussex University in March 2018. [Update: paper withdrawn due to a schedule conflict]
  • Jan 2018: I appeared on the Talking Lifestyle (previously 2UE) radio show talking about `The maths behind a fitness equation: Can it help us?', to listen follow the link.
  • Jan 2018: I have been selected to participate in the AIES-18 (AI, Ethics and Society) Doctoral Consortium (New Orleans, Feb 2018). I will have an extended abstract of my research thesis published in the conference proceedings.
  • Dec 2017: I will be giving a talk and visiting David Parkes at the Harvard EconCS group in February/March for a week. I will also be visiting Lirong Xia at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (New York) and attending the AAAI-18 conference (New Orleans) in February 2018.
  • Dec 2017: I am presenting joint work with Haris Aziz on proportional representation and voting at the Data61 Decision Sciences Seminar (DSS).
  • Dec 2017: Haris Aziz and I published a popular science article on The article is titled `A fair election for all: What's voting got to do with it?'
  • Nov 2017: My joint work with Haris Aziz on sub-committee approval voting has been accepted at the MPREF-18 and AIES-18 workshops to be held in New Orleans (USA) February 2018.
  • Oct 2017: My paper on graph limit theory has been accepted for publication at the journal of Discrete and Continuous Dynamical Systems - Series A (DCDS-A).
  • Sep 2017: I am presenting my research on ballot-length restrictions at the Data61 Algorithm Decision Theory (ADT) workshop and the UNSW Econ-Theory workshop.
  • Aug 2017: I am co-organising and presenting joint work with Haris Aziz on sub-committee approval voting at the Sydney Economics and Computation Workshop (SECW).
  • July 2017: Yuan Deng is presenting our joint work with Julian Szafraniec on school planning at the Conference of Urban Planning and Urban Management (CUPUM) in Adelaide, Australia.
  • July 2017: I am attending the Games and Economic Behavior research workshop in honor of Ehud Kalai at Tel Aviv University, Israel.
  • May 2017: Presenting my paper on dynamical systems and graph limit theory at the SIAM Conference on Dynamical Systems and their Applications (Snowbird, Utah, U.S.A).
  • April 2017: Presenting my paper on dynamical systems and graph limit theory at the UNSW Applied Mathematics seminar.
  • Feb 2017: Started my PhD at UNSW on a Scientia PhD fellowship and a Data61 scholarship.