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We are a group of neighbors encouraging community involvement in development planning in the Ballard Urban Village

April 2018

Regarding Upzones in the Ballard Urban Village

A review of Seattle’s environmental impact study for proposed upzones reveals the City has not adequately assessed the negative impacts of its planned increases in height and density, nor studied reasonable alternatives besides upzoning to create affordable housing.

This is why the Seattle Coalition for Affordability, Livability and Equity (SCALE) has filed a legal appeal of the Environmental Impact Statement with the Hearing Examiner.

We need a facts-driven assessment

Baker Street Community Group has joined 27 other neighborhood organizations in SCALE to demand an honest and unbiased assessment of the impacts of upzoning on neighborhoods including; displacement of economically vulnerable families and the elderly, tree canopy loss, school safety and small businesses.

SCALE is funding the legal appeal with the generous support of Seattle citizens, Coalition members and a number of skilled volunteer attorneys. However, this is a very large and complex appeal.

In order to fund next legal steps, we need to redouble our fundraising efforts in April. Can you help now? Even small amounts help. Go Fund Me: https://www.gofundme.com/help-save-reasonable-ballard-zoning

Thank you for caring about the future of our city as a livable place for all!

March 2018

Encouraging news for Baker House

Many neighbors were concerned that a proposed development at 2002 -2014 NW 60th St would squeeze 28 housing units on just three lots. Others worried that the beautiful Victorian Baker House would no longer grace the corner of 20th Ave NW and NW 60th Street. We can report a new proposal has been filed with the city that addresses many community issues regarding this development.

Historic house stays

Baker House, the charming gingerbread home that's on the Washington State Register of Historic Places and a legal duplex, is slated to remain intact on the corner. Plans call for retaining the family sized home at 2014 NW 60th Street, too.

More appropriate density

Current permit applications are for 4 new townhouses and 6 new rowhouses to be built around the remaining homes for a total of 12 houses on three redefined lots, appropriate for Lowrise1 zoning.

Collaborating for positive outcomes

The Baker Street Community Group worked with the City and the developer to address community issues including, L1 zoning and amenity requirements, design elements, tree canopy, parking and emergency access. Dialog led to project modifications that help preserve existing homes while increasing capacity for new families. The City and the developer are listening to and acting on your comments. Your involvement made all the difference!

Although we will lose some trees, others will be protected and more will be planted. Emergency access and pedestrian/bicycle sightline provisions are being discussed and we are still working with the builder on these concerns.

What’s ahead

The Baker Street Community Group has joined 26 other neighborhood organizations in the Seattle Coalition for Affordability, Livability and Equity, or SCALE. Our goal is to have the City produce a Ballard-specific Environmental Impact Statement according to WA State Environment Protection Act provisions and use neighborhood collaboration to guide targeted up-zone growth. Stay in touch!

Baker Street Community Group is the 21st community to join the Seattle Coalition for Affordability, Livability, and Equity.

Updates & Announcements


Monday, April 16, 2018 - 6 PM

Public Hearing regarding proposed upzones under the the City's HALA initiative

Seattle Central College, Broadway Performance Hall (Capitol Hill)

1625 Broadway, Seattle, WA 98122

City Council member Mike O'Brien will be taking public comment at this event


  • Wednesday April 11 is your opportunity to speak directly with Mike O'Brien, Seattle City Council District 6. -- District 6, that's us! Meeting begins at 7:00 at Merrill Gardens, 2418 NW 56th.

Meeting Agenda

7-710p. Introductions

710-745. Mike O’Brien, Seattle City Council District 6

Whether or not you think Seattle’s on the right track, this will be

your opportunity to either thank or complain to the main

person who represents you (and works for you) at City Hall.

Bring your questions about housing, transportation, land use,

homeless, and more.

745-820. Marilee Rack, SPU Ship Canal Water Quality Project

Seattle Public Utilities and King County are working together to

build an underground storage tunnel to prevent combined

sewage overflows into the Ship Canal, Salmon Bay and Lake

Union. The storage tunnel will be approximately 2.7 miles long

and will go from Ballard to Wallingford. In Ballard, the project

will be in construction from mid-2018 through 2024, and will

include a new pump station at 24th and Shilshole avenues NW.

820-830p Other business

New Seasons grocery


  • Citywide Open House MHA (Districts 3 & 7): Thu, March 29, 6 PM Washington Hall
  • MHA City Council Public Hearing (Districts 3 & 7): Monday, April 16 at Seattle Central College


SAVE THE DATE! Public hearings are being held across the city to discuss mandatory housing affordability. :

  • Citywide Open House (Districts 5 & 6): Wed, Feb 28, 6 PM – Whitman Middle School Gym
  • MHA City Council Public Hearing (Districts 5 & 6): Mon, Mar 12, Northgate Community Center
  • Lunch & Learn (MHA): Fri, March 16, 12 PM, Bertha Knights Landes Room, City Hall


SAVE THE DATE! On November 9th, the official Mandatory Housing (HALA) environmental study was released. Join the efforts of Baker Street Community Group along with your neighbors on December 3rd at 3pm or December 13th at 6pm. Twenty-six community groups have joined in a mutual appeal to the lack of affordable housing opportunities being proposed. You can also provide us your thoughts at bakerstreetdevelopment@gmail.com. See you there!


The Baker Street Community Group steering committee is currently submitting comments and questions to the City of Seattle regarding the development at 2002 to 2014 NW 60th Street. Check back on the website soon for a copy of the letter. We are planning a public meeting on October 30th at the Ballard Library to discuss these issues with City representatives. SAVE THE DATE!


The City of Seattle is considering limiting the public's availability to provide input on new development projects. Email the City using our template by Monday, September 11th to tell your representatives that we must have a say in what happens in our neighborhoods!


The Baker Street Community Group is working with the broader Seattle community to prepare a set of requests for the City regarding changes to the design review process in preparation for a public hearing on Monday, September 11th. Stay tuned for how to get involved!


Thanks to everyone who came out for the community meeting this evening! For those who missed it, sign up for updates on the "Get Involved" page to learn more about the project, what was discussed at the meeting, and how to get involved.


Have questions, concerns, or just want your opinions on Ballard development to be heard? Don't forget to complete the survey here.

The next community meeting will be at Amazing Grace Spiritual Center on Thursday, June 1st at 7pm. Please join and bring your neighbors!

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