What Is Backyard Broadway?

Backyard Broadway is a one week summer camp, and we are in our 3rd season. Last year we did Alice in Wonderland. We had 24 wonderful kids! Our company is called Backyard Broadway because we do the camp, and the show in our very own Backyard! We believe that every kid should have a chance to try musical theatre, and learn how to tell a story, cultivate friendships, and have fun. This year we are doing The Little Mermaid! We hope you will join us Under The Sea this year!

What is the cost of the camp?

Your 1st Camper - $85

Any other campers - $80

When is the camp?

The meet and greet is on May 4th

  • Sign up for a time on the homepage!

The week of June 10th - 14th

The 10th - 13th are from 1 - 4:30

The show is on the 14th and the time is TBD