tips and Tricks!

Audition Tips!

At the meet and greet, campers will be given the choice to sing a song and/or read lines! Of course this is optional and does not affect your part in the show. If you want to be a lead we suggest you read, but you do not have to!!

If you decide to sing here are some tips!

  • Sing with confidence! We will love whatever you sing and we want to hear it.
  • Only sing for 30 seconds - 1 minute of your song. Again we will love what you sing, but we also have limited time. It is also a lot less to memorize.
  • This is not a must but it helps if you act along with your song.

Here are some tips if you read!

  • Take some time to look over the script! We will give you time, and you have a 10 minute time slot. If we are running short on time, we will let you know.
  • Read in character! If you want to be a certain role we want to hear you be the role.
  • If you need help read a certain line or pronouncing a word do not hesitate to ask!

We can not wait to see everybody! Keep in mind these tips are not mandatory! Do what works for YOU! If these help you that is awesome, but make sure you feel like you did your best, and that is all that matters!