Need a 2nd look?

Already have your contractor or architect but want that one other opinion? b3DS is here to help! With Designer on Call, there is no in-home consultation or formal process. Client purchases blocks of time where, during business hours, they ask for a designer's professional opinion to aide in design decisions.

This option is also useful for the contractors who want to enhance their own offerings but do not require a full-time designer on their team.

In general, WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT with a "Designer on Call":

After the Discover Call, we will understand your project status, necessary details and gaps.

  • After the Discovery call (can you tell this is an important step in the process), a designer will recommend a Time Block. Time Blocks can be purchased for 1, 5, or 10 hours.

  • You will be provided with the designer's contact information to ask your questions. Examples include:

    • Second opinion to verify the space planning is appropriate to your needs on your architect's floor plan.

    • Second opinion to verify the kitchen cabinet layout from your big box store makes sense and that all of the right pieces were included.

    • If you are selecting materials at your design center and would like assistance.

    • If you are wondering about the quality and combination of any finish materials you chose for your renovation.

    • Maybe you saw a room design in a magazine, show or online and are wondering if it would work in your space.

  • Time is deducted every time contact is made. Once time runs out, the contract is complete. You can either purchase another block or consider a package.

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