Symposium Presentations

Shannon Billings, MS, MLS(ASCP)

Our Finest Hour: Las Vegas Mass Shooting 10/1/2017

Susie Butler Ching, PNP-AC, MSN, BSN, BS, RN

Critical Values…Critical Care

Shannon Billings_Our Finest Hour.pdf
Susie Butler Ching_MLS_presentation.pptx

Dr. Bade, PhD, PPM


Dr. Fox

A guide to forensic drug testing

Dr Bade_Prostate Health Index - Phi.pdf
Dr Fox.pptx

Dr. Wu

Promotion of Laboratory Medicine to Doctors, Students, Patients and the General Public

Dr Wu_Part 1.pptx
Dr Wu_Part 2.pptx

Gage Patterson

Carbapenem Resistance Testing

J. Michael Taylor, MS

To Believe or Not To Believe Challenges in the Coag Lab

J Gage Patterson_Carbapenem.pdf
Mike Taylor_Anticoagulants.pdf