Renewable Energy for Rural Africa 



AWI Energies is a company that integrates innovative renewable energy solutions into agro-processing, helping to reduce post-harvest losses, improve quality, and increase production of agro-commodities. It also provides off-grid electrical power to homes and businesses in rural communities, using clean and sustainable sources of energy.

AWI Energies is a company that provides renewable energy solutions for agro-processing industries and rural communities in Nigeria. By installing renewable energy centers at farm cluster communities, AWI Energies enables efficient pre-processing of quality agro-commodities, such as grains, tubers, vegetables, fruits and spices, for production. These centers also help aggregate critical data for agro-processors long term planning, reduce cost and provide flexibility to determine the specification of their produce.

With an infrastructure-tech-service led model, AWI Energies connects small scale farmers clusters with agro-processors, who can determine output, commodity specification, continuously upscale quality and easily grow production without spending more.

The renewable energy centers also provide efficient post-harvest management services, including storage, transportation, and processing. Electricity generated from these centers is used to power community homes and businesses, improving the quality of life and economic opportunities for rural residents.

AWI Energies is committed to delivering sustainable and innovative energy solutions for the agricultural sector and rural development in Nigeria.

Clean Energy for Agriculture

From 10-50 Tons/Annum, this dryer could save post-harvest losses up to 50% in smallholder cluster communities

Commodity Market Platform

Our agro-processing hubs provide consistent quality agro-commodities, using clean energy that saves the PLANET 

Clean Energy for Rural Africa

We can LIGHT-UP Rural Africa, one Community at a time.


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