Renewable Energy for Agriculture

Our First Renewable Energy Center , FIDITI Nigeria

Renewable Energy Centers for Commodity Processing 

Our Renewable Energy Centers (RENCAP) are powered by biomass syntheis from agricultural waste integrated with solar technologies, providing uninterupted power to drive dryers, millers, sorters, mixers and washers including packaging technologies.

Agro-processing industries can adopt this technology by investing in their own outfield/offgrid RENCAP in farm cluster communities, offering them the power to influence specifications. By an indirect partnership with farmers through awi-energy-agro exchange platform, companies can remotely predict outcomes and control supply chain through technology.

The Renewable Energy Centers: A Clean Energy Agro-Revolution

1. Increased efficiency: Modular, integrated and with remote monitoring, the RENCAPs are ensuring huge reduction in energy costs across board, from producers to processors.

2. Enhanced quality of produce: Smart dryers ensure consistent and homogeneous outcomes, thereby reducing the risk of fungal growth and contamination. This is especially important to the food and beverage industry, especially those involved with the production of baby formula and foods.

3. Improved Production: RENCAPS can help farmers increase production and reduce post-harvest losses due to lack of infrastructures in smallholder communities.

Other Renewable Energy Solutions for the Agriculture industry

RENCAP Multi-Crop dryer

IOT enabled Solar Irrigation

Renewable Energy Storage

Sustainable Farm Mobility

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