The Project

Engaging Young Black and Latino Students in Data Science Through Water Security

An NSF ITEST Project

America's Water Education (AWE) project is funded by an NSF grant, which brought together researchers from the Columbia Water Center and instructors from the Eagle Academies. 

For the project's NSF page, follow this link.

AWE happens both in and outside the classroom

Curricular Activities

Enhancing teaching units and capstone projects with interactive authentic data platforms

Co-curricular activities

Hosting a Water Exhibit and conducting a Speaker series to hone attitudes and empower students

AWE's Theory of Change

If we

Then we will see improvement in students’ competencies in 

Research directions

Framing the design, implementation and testing of the curricular and co-curricular activities described above, three research directions are investigated by AWE's team:

Learning Standards

Are the learning standards equipping the students with the knowledge, skills and attitude necessary to work on water issues? What about the data literacy crucial for today's world? Are environmental concepts inclusive of diverse heritage and tackle injustices? 

This work is ongoing,  but you can learn more on our results so far via our AGU poster on the matter.

Survey Instruments

When exploring instruments to use to measure the outcomes of the curricular activities, we have found a gap in the litterature. Although survey instruments have been developed to measure career choices and inclination, none consider the social or environmental justice dimension.

This work is ongoing.

Data platforms & learning modules

While developing a model for US water allocation and infrastructure, researchers at the Columbia Water Center conducted a comprehensive study on the state of water data availability and dissemination at the state and federal level. This research inspired this project.

Expanding this work is ongoing.