Current News

Hello AMS Families -

We hope that you and your families are doing well and coping. While it may be difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel right now, it’s there, and all we can do is keep walking, pausing, and moving in that direction; one day at a time.

The AMS PTO wanted to reach out with our quarterly update, and hopefully answer some questions that you may be having at this time.

Teacher Appreciation - We are missing planning our lunch to say thank you to our teachers this spring. We can still acknowledge their work and dedication to our students and community. Please ask your child to reach out to their teachers, maybe one a day, and thank them! Teachers love to hear from parents as well – take a minute to reach out to check on them, and thank them for all they are doing and learning to continue to keep our children engaged and educated during this unstable time in our lives. Let them know they are appreciated and valued in our community!

One & Done funds - We continued with supporting spring wish list items for several teachers with stipend requests that have not been used to date. All funds collected this year through your support of our One & Done fundraiser will be held in our budget for use to support future events and activities.

8th grade parents - We know that the 8th grade end of year party and celebration will be greatly missed, as it was a loved tradition and time to honor a milestone, connect with friends, and wish each other well in the next journey - high school. The PTO would like to acknowledge our 8th graders by gifting each family a lawn sign to celebrate and acknowledge that where they are in their life journey, is not forgotten. We will keep you posted on delivery/pick up in the next few weeks.

Yearbooks – There will be an AMS yearbook this year. The PTO does not publish the yearbook, but we will be supporting the school to help with disbursement in either delivery or pick up form in June. Details TBA soon.

2020-2021 PTO Executive board - Want to be involved in the board next year? We are looking for volunteers to fill many positions on our PTO board! Ideally, we look to have a 7th and 8th grade parent holding each position for ease of transition from year to year, and many hands make light work! Any questions or interest, please reach out to Rosemary Neamtz ( or Elizabeth Abshire (

Positions include: President, Treasurer (7th grade parent), VP One & Done, VP Volunteers, Family Communications, VP Communications and Secretary. For a description of positions and time commitments, click here:

Happy Spring to all of you! Warmer, and better days are ahead for all of us. Be well.

Your AMS PTO Board Team: Rosemary Neamtz, Elizabeth Abshire, Jen Soucy, Erin Sloat, Lisa Indelicato, Caroline Beitman, Jen Blackwell and Lisa Alexander.