Our Function is to Encourage Change!

The Advanced VALUE Group, LLC (AVG) was established in 2000 to provide value engineering, lean manufacturing, lean engineering, target costing, competitive Japanese method tear-down analysis, supplier development, indirect labor analysis, material flow analysis and new product planning expertise to industrial, manufacturing and service organizations. These techniques, methodologies and tools are globally recognized to improve product quality, customer value and costs at all levels and all staffs within an organization. Voice of the Customer, Quality Function Deployment and Design for Manufacturability/Assembly are embraced within these core methodologies.

Do YOU want to:

  • Improve and optimize project schedules
  • Improve product designs and value for your customers
  • Reduce product development costs
  • Reduce product development time
  • Reduce overhead/burden expenses, including indirect labor
  • Streamline your material flow paths and material handling efficiency
  • Simplify & improve procedures and processes
  • Enhance resource utilization & effectiveness
  • Enhance equipment utilization & effectiveness
  • Reduce waste, increase efficiency & INCREASE PROFITS

Our Mission is

"To offer superior services that will have a positive impact on the bottom line of each and every client."

Do you want help for YOUR SUPPLIERS do all of the above?

The Advanced Value Group is ready to assist you to achieve bottom line results. Some consultants show up and tell you what to do and leave. We will stay, if you want us, and help you walk the talk until the job is done.

AVG has extensive experience in manufacturing, industrial and service organizations. The results we achieve in manufactured products cause our customers to come back for more. We constantly exceed their expectations. Our facilitation style to bring the value methodology to our clients offers us a competitive advantage. We have worked on simple projects like hard hats, ladders and pressure sensors to very complicated projects like subsea oil and gas systems and sub-assemblies in nuclear power plants.

AVG also offers training programs, workshops and seminars for each of the mentioned methodologies.