University of Groningen

Postdoc Projects

  1. VMAP: A new Interface Standard for Integrated Virtual Material Modelling in Manufacturing Industry (S. Solhjoo), Oct 2017-
  2. Hydrodynamics of the Ocean Grazer (Y. Wei), Jun 2016-

Postdoc Project Co-supervision

  1. Mechatronics of the Ocean Grazer (J.J. Barradas-Berglind; with Prof. B. Jayawardhana), Dec 2015-Feb 2018

PhD Projects

  1. Technological and financial analyses of the Ocean Grazer (A. Bechlenberg), Apr 2019-
  2. RoSF: Bonding strength of deforming metal-polymer interfaces (R. Toljaga; with Prof. A.H. van den Boogaard, University of Twente), Oct 2016-
  3. Modeling of thermally reversible interactions in polymeric systems (J. Li), Oct 2015-
  4. Nanotribology investigations with classical molecular dynamics (S. Solhjoo), Sep 2013-Jul 2017

PhD Project Co-supervision

  1. Dynamical modeling and optimal distributed control design of the Ocean Grazer's floater blanket (M.Z. Almuzakki; with Prof. B. Jayawardhana), Oct 2016-
  2. Synthesizing antibacterial hydroxyapatite coatings for medical applications (T. Mokabber; with Prof. Y.T. Pei and Assist. Prof. P. van Rijn), Aug 2015-

PhD Committee Participation

  1. Nanostructured graphene: forms, synthesis, properties and applications (Examining Committee for L. Lu; promotor: Prof. Y.T. Pei), Oct 2018
  2. Numerical simulation of chemical EOR processes (Examining Committee for P.D. Druetta; promotor: Prof. F. Picchioni), Oct 2018
  3. Size-dependent plasticity in contact/friction: from discrete dislocation dynamics inside an asperity to statistical summation over asperities (Examining Committee for H. Song; promotor: Prof. E. van der Giessen, ZIAM), Nov 2016

Master Research Projects

  1. Studying, designing, creating and testing the bladder reservoir of the Ocean Grazer 3.0 (J.A. Koning), Mar-Sep 2018
  2. Advanced Modeling and Simulation of Temperature Dependent Friction in Metal Forming Processes (R.M. Nienhuis), Apr-Sep 2018
  3. Performance analysis and comparison of floater arrays in the Ocean Grazer 3.0 design context (A. Bechlenberg), Mar-Sep 2018
  4. The effect of surface roughness and polymer flow on adhesion (F.C.M.P. Renzelmann), Mar-Aug 2018
  5. Energy dissipation models of the T-peel, End-Notched-Flexure and Single-Leg-Bending test (J. Zantingh), Mar-Aug 2018
  6. A techno-financial analysis of the Ocean Grazer 3 concept (T. Herwig), Oct 2017-Jun 2018
  7. Rotational motion transferring system for the Ocean Grazer 3.0 concept (R.W. Verwoerd), Oct 2017-Jun 2018
  8. Understanding the Single-Piston Pump of the Ocean Grazer (R.M. Zaharia), Mar 2017-Jan 2018
  9. The relationship between strip coating surface scratches and pot hardware dynamics in a continuous hot-dip galvanizing line (J. Welink), Jun 2017-Jan 2018
  10. Molecular dynamics simulation of polymeric flow on atomically flat and rough surfaces (M. Kamps), Oct 2016-Jul 2017
  11. Development of the activation mechanism for the Ocean Grazer (A. van Driel), Oct 2016-Jun 2017
  12. Hydrodynamical analysis of the Ocean Grazer platform (R.J.M. Zwetsloot), Oct 2016-Jun 2017
  13. Hydrodynamic analysis of the floater blanket in the frequency domain (Z. Yu), Oct 2016-Apr 2017
  14. Visualization of mechanical constraints of the Antikythera Mechanism (O. Strack van Schijndel), Oct 2016-Apr 2017
  15. Validation of a simulation model for ductile fracture (P. Begemann), Oct 2016-Apr 2017
  16. The effect of crystal structure on surface roughness at the nanoscale (J.N.B. Huisman), Mar 2016-Feb 2017
  17. The design of a sealing system for the Ocean Grazer (O. van Hees), Oct 2015-Jul 2016
  18. The redesign of the transportation track within the Total Lab Automation system of BD Kiestra (M.R. Hegge), Sep 2015-Jul 2016
  19. Design of experimental measurements to obtain performance characteristics of a multiple ball check valve (M.A. Hassink), Oct 2015-Jun 2016
  20. Free surface roughening due to multi-stage cold forming (P.J. Halbertsma), Oct 2015-Apr 2016
  21. Design of a station keeping system for the Ocean Grazer (H.J. Houtsma), Dec 2014-Dec 2015
  22. Friction experiments and simulations to model the hot forging process at Henkel Scheemda (R.W. de Groene), Feb-Sep 2015
  23. Optimization of 3D printing for the APE group (D. ter Veen), Sep 2014-Jun 2015
  24. Designing a transmission system for the Ocean Grazer (L.J.P. Evers), Sep 2014-May 2015
  25. Analysis and dynamical modeling of a piston valve for a wave energy converter (A. Cruz Gispert; Erasmus), Sep 2014-Apr 2015
  26. The effect of media substrate topography on the carbon coating coverage; a Molecular Dynamics study at Fuji Electric (B. Ammerlaan), Jan 2014-Mar 2015
  27. Experimental validation of dynamical contact models of the Ocean Grazer (M. van Rooij), Mar 2014-Feb 2015
  28. Simulation of a piston-type hydraulic pump for the Ocean Grazer (H. Meijer), Sep 2013-Dec 2014
  29. Evaluating lubricant pick-up testing methods for media disks at Fuji Electric Malaysia (E.J. Heslinga), Apr 2013-Oct 2014

Master Research Project Co-supervision

  1. Properties of silver-doped hydroxyapatite to be used as an implant coating (P.R. Neuteboom; with Prof. Y.T. Pei), Mar 2016-Nov 2018
  2. Control of porosity and shape deviation in Selective Laser Melting (M.D. Vellenga; with Prof. Y.T. Pei), Mar-Nov 2018
  3. Effect of hatch strategy and build preheat on residual stresses in selective laser melting (G. de Vente; with Prof. Y.T. Pei), Oct 2017-Sep 2018
  4. Modeling and simulations of the Ocean Grazer's floater blanket under irregular wave: a Port-Hamiltonian approach (R.J. Boer; with Prof. B. Jayawardhana), Nov 2017-Aug 2018
  5. Predictive maintenance: the feasibility of a non-straight knife edge sharpness deterioration model (P.A. Tjabbes; with Prof. B. Jayawardhana), Oct 2017-Jul 2018
  6. Template-free synthesis of nanoporous Ni as binder-free current collectors for Li-ion batteries (P. Andela; with Prof. Y.T. Pei), Apr 2016-Jun 2018
  7. Synthesis and application of three-dimensional Nanoporous Graphene–Carbon Nanotube Hybrid Structure in Lithium-Sulfur Batteries (T.T. Abeln; with Prof. Y.T. Pei), Oct 2016-May 2018
  8. Examination of influence factors on interlayer adhesion and layer resolution of 3D-printed soda-lime glass (B. Oosterwijk; with Prof. Y.T. Pei), Oct 2017-Apr 2018
  9. Early detection of lameness through motion sensors (W. Schlooz; with Prof. B. Jayawardhana), Jun 2017-Mar 2018
  10. Processing optimization and properties of fiber laser welded dual phase steel (L. van Tilburg; with Prof. Y.T. Pei), Oct 2015-Feb 2018
  11. Silver nanowire-based transparent conductive film (F. Zijlstra; with Prof. Y.T. Pei), Apr 2016-Dec 2017
  12. Analysis and comparison of wave energy extraction in the Ocean Grazer's wave tank experimental setup (G. Martí Manresa, Erasmus; with Prof. B. Jayawardhana), Feb-Sep 2017
  13. Modular modelling for the Power Take-Off system of a Wave Energy Converter (A. Fernández Vuelta, Erasmus; with Prof. B. Jayawardhana), Feb-Sep 2017
  14. Dynamical modeling and control of the Ocean Grazer WEC turbine subsystem (A.S. Ratum; with Prof. B. Jayawardhana), Oct 2016-Jul 2017
  15. 2D force measurement on a bicycle ergometer (P. Papangelos; with Prof. B. Jayawardhana), Apr 2015-Jun 2017
  16. The Antikythera Mechanism (W. van Zanten; with dr. A.A. Geertsema), Mar 2016-Apr 2017
  17. Nanoporous materials for sulfur-based cathodes of high-energy-density lithium-sulfur batteries (N. Schriever; with Prof. Y.T. Pei), Mar 2016-Jan 2017
  18. Estimating and predicting the ocean surface with radar data (C. Verhoef; with Prof. B. Jayawardhana), Oct 2015-Sep 2016
  19. Evaluation of the MSC Adams co-simulation interface for metal working processes (W. Wierenga; with Prof. J. Post), Nov 2015-Jul 2016
  20. Maximizing revenue of electricity generated by the Ocean Grazer (H.T. Dijkstra; with Prof. B. Jayawardhana), Oct 2015-Jul 2016
  21. Improving the filament extrusion performance and reliability of the Leapfrog Creatr Pro 3D printer (E. Heidstra; with Prof. Y.T Pei), Oct 2015-Apr 2016
  22. Dynamical modeling, analysis and optimization of a floater blanket (S. Clemente Piñol, Erasmus; with Prof. B. Jayawardhana), Sep 2014-May 2015
  23. The design of a check valve for the Ocean Grazer (D.A. Botterweg; with Prof. Y.T. Pei), Mar 2014-Feb 2015
  24. Nonlinear control design for Wave Energy Converter (B. Galván Garcia, Erasmus; with Prof. B. Jayawardhana), Mar 2014-Aug 2014

Other Master Projects (Business, Design, etc.)

  1. Redesign of the cinnamon production line to reduce its total loss by 5% (T. Ike, Design Project; with dr. J.A.W.M. Vos), Apr 2018-Oct 2018
  2. Microstructure-based crystal plasticity modeling of macro-scale material characteristics using DAMASK (M. Kamps, Design Project; with dr. J.A.W.M. Vos), Sep 2017-Mar 2018
  3. Improvement on material phase-in and phase-out to minimize deadstock or excess material in Besi APac (N.M. Looijenga, Design Project; with dr. A.A. Geertsema), Oct 2017-Mar 2018
  4. Designing a TEVAR delivery system (O. Strack van Schijndel, Design Project; with dr. A.A. Geertsema), May-Nov 2017
  5. The design of two new quantitative wrinkle measurement methods to measure during and after ironing (L. van Tilburg, Design Project; with dr. A.A. Geertsema), Dec 2016-Sep 2017
  6. Redesign of transport rollers (J. Siemonsma, Design Project; with dr. A.A. Geertsema), Jan-Aug 2017
  7. Analysis and Improvement of Transportation Trays (M.R. Janszen, Design Project; with dr. M. Munoz-Arias), Mar-Jul 2017
  8. Single-material 3D printed objects with varying flexibility (K. van Ek, SBP curiculum; with dr. J. Kosinka, JBI), Feb 2017-Jul 2017
  9. Improving the campaign life of the pot hardware in the continuous galvanizing lines at Tata Steel Ijmuiden (E.M. de Ruiter, Design Project; with dr. H. Kloosterman), Nov 2016-Mar 2017
  10. An experimental approach to create an efficient and non-clogging solid-liquid separation method using biomimetics (J. Franke; with Prof. E.J. Stamhuis, ESRIG), Sep 2015-Mar 2017
  11. Feasibility study of small-scale production of filament for 3D printing (B.J.D. Hallo, Business Project), May-Oct 2015

Bachelor Projects

  1. Designing a flexible underwater storage reservoir (S. van den Elzen), Feb-Jun 2018
  2. Mathematical modeling of slamming in a single-piston pump (R.L. Folkertsma), Feb-Jun 2018
  3. Analyzing the experimental results of a single-piston pump (K. Paapst), Feb-Jun 2018
  4. On the scaling effects of a single-piston pump (J. Jonker), Feb-Jun 2018
  5. Investigating the dynamic behavior of a multi-piston pump (L.Y. Hut), Feb-Jun 2018
  6. Optimizing damping coefficients for a dense WEC array (R. Sterk), Feb-Jun 2018
  7. Mechanical modeling of the floater cable under hydrodynamic loads (J.P. Besier), Sep 2017-Jan 2018
  8. Investigating the effect of varying the distribution of damping coefficients inside a floater blanket on the power extraction for a novel WEC (C.V.A. Hoogerbrugge), Sep 2017-Jan 2018
  9. Calculation of power absorption from irregular waves by the floater blanket of the Ocean Grazer (M.T.V. Mohr), Sep 2017-Jan 2018
  10. The Ocean Grazer floater blanket as an inflatable mattress concept (R. Bos), Feb 2017-Jun 2017
  11. Ocean Grazer: external platform structure (A. Miocevic), Feb 2017-Jun 2017
  12. Preliminary study on modelling interfacial behavior in a metal-polymer
  13. interface using COMSOL Multiphysics (J.P. Nienhuis), Feb 2017-Jun 2017
  14. Interactive 3D models via Unity for education (N. de Vries), Feb 2017-Jun 2017
  15. The Antikythera mechanism – From the sea to 3D: Virtual Greek astronomy and engineering (J.E. Bos), Feb 2017-Jun 2017
  16. Validating floater blanket models for the Ocean Grazer (M.J.J. Bögels), Sep 2016-Jan 2017
  17. The Antikythera mechanism, using the past to shape the future (R.M. Nienhuis), Sep 2016-Jan 2017
  18. Empirical research on multi-chamber Oscillating Water Columns (S. Vreriks), Feb 2016-Jun 2016
  19. Wave tank experiments on the prototype of the floater blanket (M.R.A. Visser), Feb 2016-Jun 2016
  20. Optimal turbine for a varying head and flow in the Ocean Grazer (P. van den Berg), Feb 2016-Jun 2016
  21. Added value of an Oscillating Water Column (R. Zaharia), Sep 2015-Jan 2016
  22. Creating a structural design for the floater elements for the Ocean Grazer (T. Herwig), Feb-Jun 2015
  23. Conversion of hydraulic head into electrical energy in the Ocean Grazer (N. Hartsuiker), Feb-Jun 2015
  24. Determining the amount of floater members of the Ocean Grazer (O.J. Strack van Schijndel), Feb-Jun 2015
  25. Creating a better data management system for the Ocean Grazer group (J.S. van der Molen), Feb-Jun 2015
  26. Researching the floater-piston connection of the Ocean Grazer (W. van Zanten), Sep 2014-Jan 2015
  27. Validating a surface roughness model using FEM (M. Kamps), Sep 2014-Jan 2015
  28. Creating a scale model design for the Ocean Grazer project (J. Welink), Feb-Jul 2014
  29. Designing and testing a nonlinear energy sink applied to the Ocean Grazer (W. Wierenga), Feb-Jul 2014

Bachelor Project Co-supervision

  1. Tribological behavior of skin sebum (K. Korbeld, Honours College; with M. Mansen, Imperial College, UK), Jul-Aug 2018
  2. Visualization of the Antikythera Mechanism's Planetarium (R. Popa, Astronomy; with M.A.M. van den Weijgaert, Kapteyn Institute), Mar 2017-Jul 2017
  3. Contact modelling of patterned liquid crystal polymer coatings (F. Kernkamp, Applied Physics; with Prof. P. Onck, ZIAM), Aug 2015-May 2016
  4. A feasibility study of the application of a piston ring system for the piston-type hydraulic pump system in the Ocean Grazer (S. Gupta), Aug-Dec 2015

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