Submission system is now open at

Please follow the JMLR formatting guidelines when formatting your paper. We provide LaTeX style files with updated venue information below (please use these and not the original JMLR files).

Papers are allowed to be up to six pages in JMLR format plus ten pages for references and appendix. Reviewing can be both single-blind or double-blind (please anonymize your submission if you prefer double-blind reviewing). We strongly encourage attachments of code to foster reproducibility; reproducibility of results and easy availability of code will be taken into account in the decision making process. If necessary, authors can add an appendix to the PDF which starts after the references. However, the papers themselves need to be self-contained as the appendix will not be reviewed.

We encourage the submission of previously published material (clearly marked as such) that is closely related to the workshop topic. Accepted original papers will be made available online and will be presented as posters at the workshop, but there will be no archival proceedings. We will invite the best 2-3 papers for an oral plenary presentation and the other for a spotlight presentation.

We ask that authors think about the broader impact and ethical considerations of their work. For example, authors may consider whether there is potential use for the data or methods to create or exacerbate unfair bias. Authors are not required to have a broader impact statement in their paper, but will be asked to submit one paragraph (3-4 sentences) as a separate field in OpenReview at the time of submission. See this guide for help with the statement. Reviewers will be asked to consult the ICLR 2021 code of ethics when reviewing submissions. Reviewers cannot reject papers based on ethical considerations, but in very rare cases, the workshop organizers may reject papers that blatantly violate the code of ethics (e.g., if the primary application directly causes harm or injury).