Accepted Papers

Contributed Talks (presented in poster session 2)

  • Discovering Weight Initializers with Meta Learning

Dmitry Baranchuk and Artem Babenko.

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  • Multimodal AutoML on Structured Tables with Text Fields

Xingjian Shi, Jonas Mueller, Nick Erickson, Mu Li and Alex Smola.

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  • Automated Discovery of Adaptive Attacks on Adversarial Defenses

Chengyuan Yao, Pavol Bielik, Petar Tsankov and Martin Vechev.

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Poster Session 1

  • A resource-efficient method for repeated HPO and NAS problems

Giovanni Zappella, David Salinas and Cedric Archambeau.


  • Latency-Aware Neural Architecture Search with Multi-Objective Bayesian Optimization

David Eriksson, Pierce I-Jen Chuang, Samuel Daulton, Peng Xia, Akshat Shrivastava, Arun Babu, Shicong Zhao, Ahmed A Aly, Ganesh Venkatesh and Maximilian Balandat.

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  • GPy-ABCD: A Configurable Automatic Bayesian Covariance Discovery Implementation

Thomas Fletcher, Alan Bundy and Kwabena Nuamah.

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  • Bandit Limited Discrepancy Search and Application to Machine Learning Pipeline Optimization

Akihiro Kishimoto, Djallel Bouneffouf, Radu Marinescu, Parikshit Ram, Ambrish Rawat, Martin Wistuba, Paulito Pedregosa Palmes and Adi Botea.

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  • Towards Model Selection using Learning Curve Cross-Validation

Felix Mohr and Jan N. van Rijn.

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  • Dynamic Pruning of a Neural Network via Gradient Signal-to-Noise Ratio

Julien Niklas Siems, Aaron Klein, Cedric Archambeau and Maren Mahsereci.

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  • AutoML Adoption in ML Software

Koen Van der Blom, Alex Serban, Holger Hoos and Joost Visser.

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  • Leveraging Theoretical Tradeoffs in Hyperparameter Selection for Improved Empirical Performance

Parikshit Ram, Alexander G. Gray and Horst Samulowitz.

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  • Bag of Baselines for Multi-objective Joint Neural Architecture Search and Hyperparameter Optimization

Thomas Elsken, Julia Guerrero-Viu, Sven Hauns, Sergio Izquierdo, Simon Schrodi, André Biedenkapp, Difan Deng, Marius Lindauer, Frank Hutter and Guilherme Miotto.

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  • Towards Explaining Hyperparameter Optimization via Partial Dependence Plots

Julia Moosbauer, Julia Herbinger, Giuseppe Casalicchio, Marius Lindauer and Bernd Bischl.

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  • Mutation is all you need

Lennart Schneider, Florian Pfisterer, Martin Binder and Bernd Bischl.

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  • Meta Learning the Step Size in Policy Gradient Methods

Luca Sabbioni, Francesco Corda and Marcello Restelli.

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Poster Session 2

  • Sequential Automated Machine Learning: Bandits-driven Exploration using a Collaborative Filtering Representation

Maxime Heuillet, Benoit Debaque and Audrey Durand.

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  • LRTuner: A Learning Rate Tuner for Deep Neural Networks

Nikhil Iyer, Thejas Venkatesh, Nipun Kwatra, Ramachandran Ramjee and Muthian Sivathanu.

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  • PonderNet: Learning to Ponder

Andrea Banino, Jan Balaguer and Charles Blundell.

PDF Poster (not yet available)

  • Replacing the Ex-Def Baseline in AutoML by Naive AutoML

Felix Mohr and Marcel Wever.

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  • Neural Fixed-Point Acceleration for Convex Optimization

Shobha Venkataraman and Brandon Amos.

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  • Ranking Architectures by Feature Extraction Capabilities

Debadeepta Dey, Shital Shah and Sebastien Bubeck.

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  • Incorporating domain knowledge into neural-guided search via in situ priors and constraints

Brenden K Petersen, Claudio Santiago and Mikel Landajuela.

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  • Tabular Data: Deep Learning is Not All You Need

Ravid Shwartz-Ziv and Amitai Armon.

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  • Automated Learning Rate Scheduler for Large-batch Training

Chiheon Kim, Saehoon Kim, Jongmin Kim, Donghoon Lee and Sungwoong Kim.

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  • Adaptation-Agnostic Meta-Training

Jiaxin Chen, Li-Ming Zhan, Xiao-Ming Wu and Fu-lai Chung.

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  • On-the-fly learning of adaptive strategies with bandit algorithms

Rashid Bakirov, Damien Fay and Bogdan Gabrys.

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