Styles of the Month

Post date: Feb 03, 2017 10:9:43 AM

We do have a "Style of the month" for our meetings BUT we are Loosely Organized!!! As always, bring what you have to a monthly meeting. But if you are looking for a guide, here we go:


January - Stouts & Porters

February - English ales & all Imperials

March - Scottish and Irish ales

April - Pale Ales & IPAs

May - Bocks and Smoked beers

June - Belgians

July - Wheat beers & Meads

August - Lawnmower beers/free-for-all (picnic)

September - Pilsners & other lagers

October - Oktoberfest and Amber ales

November - Barleywines and big beers

December - Christmas/Holiday beers and Free-For-All (Party)