Dr. Josh Dever is a professor at UT Austin. His faculty bio is HERE. He has been leading a weekly class geared towards AMC, AIME, and USAMO prep at AAH Math Team meetings since 2012. He also offers occasional weekend prep sessions for AIME and USAMO qualifiers throughout Austin. He can be reached via email at <> or <>

Dr. Brook Randal is a retired physician with an interest in unusual math talent. She founded the AAH Math Team in 1998 when her son was a competitor. She is no longer involved in homeschooling, but has continued to serve as the director of AAH Math Team, which currently operates as an enrichment program for homeschoolers regardless of their interest in competitions. She has also been involved since 1999 in encouraging connections among all Austin math competitors at the AIME and USAMO level, regardless of educational affiliation. She will generally be the proctor for AMC exams. She can be reached via email at <>

Gail Berry is the vice president of, an international organization based in California, which promotes math contests at various levels. She travels to various cities around the country to run math tournaments, with a concentration in Texas. We are very fortunate that she happens to live in Austin. She will be working with Austin Math Circle to provide periodic Saturday tournament opportunities at Hyde Park Church of Christ. She can be reached via email at <>