Aubrey C. Spivey

I'm a graduate student at Arizona State University in the School of History, Philosophy, and Religious Studies, earning a PhD in Philosophy as well as a graduate certificate in Criminal Sentencing and Sentencing Advocacy from the Schools of Criminal Justice and Social Work. I received my Master's in Philosophy from the University of Florida. I also have a Bachelor's degree and certificate of Criminology and Corrections from the University of Utah.

My research interests are primarily (though not exclusively) in ethics, applied ethics, philosophy of criminal justice, normative theory, value theory, and political philosophy. I'm currently working on a dissertation in the cross section of justice and gender within prisons.

I also work as a volunteer teaching philosophy to inmates in the Arizona State Prison. I've previously worked as an intern in the Utah State Prison System doing work in male and female facilities ranging from general population to maximum security. I'm dedicated to the importance of reducing recidivism through education and rehabilitation. An important part of that education is learning to think critically; as a result I find philosophy is important both in and out of prison. I was also recently awarded the ADC Florence-Eymen Volunteer of the year award for 2019.

Beyond my research and teaching, I'm currently serving on the American Philosophical Association's (APA) committee for Public Philosophy, which is committed to promoting philosophy in public life. I'm the Grant Manager and Non-fiction editor for Iron City Magazine, a creative works and literary journal for the incarcerated and impacted. I'm also the ASU chapter head for Minorities and Philosophy (MAP).

I served on the inaugural committee as a member of the Graduate Student Council (GSC) for the APA. This committee is dedicated to graduate student involvement in the APA as well as student success and transition into professional life. I also served as the Graduate Student Liaison for the Academic Placement Data and Analysis (APDA).