Athletic Greens Review – Empower Your Body With Superfoods Athletic Greens

As we all know, fitness is so important in our life that we can’t ignore to be fit but in daily routine, our schedule becomes so cumbersome that we don’t have time to take proper food on time or to take daily exercise. An overdose of junk food, use of duplicate ingredients in food & many more hazardous food items are the main reasons of your weak & less energetic body. So today I am writing an article on Athletic Greens Review so that you can learn about this awesome product.

Athletic Greens is the solution of above problems that can make your life healthy & fit, in this article (Athletic Greens Review) we will discuss all athletic greens in details.

What is Athletic greens?

  • It is an energy drink, made with natural 75 food ingredients (fruits & vegetables).
  • You will get this in the form of a green powder which is very easy to mix into water & has a sweet taste.
  • It is clinically tested by doctors & nutritionists, after ten years of research, they have made this energy drink.
  • It is usable for all like: men, women & teenagers, it helps to cover the deficiency of vitamins in your body & improves the digestive system.
  • It is derived from a combination of time tested and carefully selected plants, fruits, herbs, and mushrooms.
  • It is Packed with minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants of 10-12 vegetable and fruit servings.

Athletic Greens Ingredients

You get at least 12 servings of fruit and vegetables, the product contains 300 mg of potassium which is one of the trace minerals that we are short of today. Potassium is the main reason why our cells, nerves, and muscles function properly, and if we increase our intake, our cells will start to produce more energy.

The majority of the ingredients are organic & naturally extracts from nature. I will explain the ingredients categorically.

Serving size: one tablespoon (12g)

  • Alkaline, RAW, Extremely Nutrient-Dense Greens.

This category includes all organic nutrition like fruits essentials & vegetable Leafs. Fruits & vegetables are the key factors for fitness & all these are nicely blended in the form of powder, it will provide all the required vitamins to your body.

  • Nutrient-Dense, Natural Extracts, Herbs, and Antioxidants.

This category includes some herbs, antioxidants acid with milk & seed extracts. It helps to balance the essence of natural organic ingredients & helps to operate the functions of your body.

  • Digestive enzyme & super mushroom complex

Mushrooms are the source of selenium, an antioxidant mineral, as well as copper, niacin, potassium and phosphorous. Additionally, mushrooms provide protein, vitamin C, and iron. It helps to improve the digestive system of the body.

  • Dairy free probiotics

An overdose of dairy products can harm our body & the function of digestive system, this category of ingredients includes dairy free probiotics which helps to nourish your body in a proper way.

Main ingredients

  • Raw greens
  • Antioxidants
  • Herbs
  • Enzymes
  • Cofactors
  • Mushrooms
  • Vitamins
  • Scarce nutrients
  • Adaptogens
  • Trace elements
  • Minerals
  • Prebiotics

You will get at least 12 servings of fruit and vegetables, it contains 300 mg of potassium which is one of the trace minerals that we are short of today. Potassium is the main reason why our cells, nerves, and muscles function properly, and if we increase our intake, our cells will start to produce more energy.

Athletic Greens Does Not Have

  • Artificial ingredients,
  • GMOs (Genetically modified foods such as soya or corn)
  • Gluten
  • Wheat
  • Dairy
  • Corn
  • Eggs
  • No added Sugar.

How to Use Athletic Greens?

  • It should be your first drink of the day; you just need to in one heaped tablespoon (12 grams)with a glass of water (200-300mL).
  • It’s very simple & you don’t need to mix any other things into it as its taste sweet.
  • To make it tastier you can mix this powder with any smoothies.
  • People over 170lbs, athletes, very active people, or those with significant lifestyle stressors should take a minimum of two (2) servings per day.
  • After opening the packet refrigerate it properly & use it within 90 days. It a pure vegan product.

Benefits of Athletic Greens

  • Increased Energy: – it helps to increased the energy level of your body, because of the tight schedule & hectic work your body starts complaining, it starts reflecting on your body & brain, you feel lazy, drowsy, tensed etc. Sometimes you may not feel sleepy because of the haphazard unbalance in your body. All these make you feel restless & a un energetic, so athletic green helps you to reboot your energy level so that you feel fresh & happy all the day.
  • Improved digestion:– there are many health issues are arising nowadays just because of indigestion, it makes you feel uneasy & painful all the day, it also make you vomit or you may experience a serious headache. Athletic greens help to improve your digestion power & whatever you eat you can digest it quickly with help of athletic greens.
  • Improved immunity:- good immunity power is very necessary for our body as frequent illness & low immunity make your body weak then you start depending upon medicine which brings you to more illness. With athletic greens, your immunity power can improve a lot that you don’t need to frequently depend upon doctors & medicines.
  • Diet friendly: – everyone has a different diet plan for every day, different people the different choice of food but athletic greens is very much compatible with different diet it does have any side effects or mismatch equation with any of the food items. In simple words, you don’t need to change your diet for this.
  • Provides nutrition:- body gets nutrition from various source of eatables but people don’t follow a balanced diet in the day to day activity which causes a huge nutrition deficiency & it leads to dangerous disease so with athletic greens you can balance this problem make your life healthy.
  • Helpful for athletes or sports people:- athletes spend their time in gym or practice, in that way they injured often & they need extra care with reference to their diet. Athletic greens help to increase the immune system & sports persons can recover fast. It has all the important vitamins which are required for athletes; you can feel the change in your energy level in that way you can spend time for work out.
  • Weight loss therapy: – now a day’s everyone is conscious about their weight, athletic greens helps to reduce the weight. It provides nutrition to the cells & the cells provide us energy. It will reduce the extra calories & fat to make a balance in our body hence you become fit & healthy.
  • Stress Buster: – it is obvious that if you are healthy & fit, you become more relaxed & stress-free, if you will go through the research then you will get to know that most of the cases of stress occurred because of health issues, so if you’re healthy it means you are stress-free.
  • Time saver: – As Athletic Greens are produced from raw whole foods, there is no need to take a multi-vitamin or any other supplements when you use Athletic Greens to complement your nutritional needs on an everyday basis. As a matter of fact, the Athletic Greens product is a lot more powerful than any multi-vitamin tablet that you can take.

When we spend money to buy different things to maintain a healthy diet then it seems to be cheap but when you add up the per item price you will get to know that it’s not that cheap according to your expectation.

Might be the price or cost of athletic greens seem high to you but as it’s a high-quality product with rich ingredients which is directly connected to your health, if you are taking this then you don’t need to spend your money on any other supplements or other stuff so indirectly it will cost cheaper.

Where can I buy athletic greens?

Well there are many online websites are there from where you can order this product but kindly watch out terms & conditions of that particular website concerning good on time delivery & feasible price.

Here Is The link for athletic greens review:-

Athletic Greens Alternative

Athletic greens performs extremely good in the market as it has all the required ingredients which people are not consuming the regular meal, it helps to increase the energy level as well as compensate the deficiency in your body but there are some alternatives are also available in the market which also plays the same role, let’s have a look on it.

  • Green Vibrance – it has many nutrients which directly supply the power to the cells & help each cell to function at peak efficiency. It increases your immunity power & energy level, it is also helpful for digestion, if you are not including balanced ingredients to your meal or your regular diet is not balance then this the best option you can have.

It Contains over 70 ingredients, 25 billion probiotics, enzymes, fruits & vegetables, liver support, vitamins, trace minerals, skeletal support, and adaptogens.

  • Phytofood, Nutra house – it’s a combo of super natural fruit flavor & healthy nutrients, it includes Spirulina, Chlorella, Bamboo, Chia, Alfalfa, Barley Grass, Kelp, Beet, Acai, Kale, Spinach, Aloe Vera, Broccoli, Goji Berries, Tumeric, and more. You will get the flavor of delicious berry.

It is very simple to use; you just need to add one scoop to 8 ounces of Water, Juice, or Smoothie.

It doesn’t include VEGAN, SOY FREE, NON-GMO, AND GLUTEN & no added sugar & no artificial colors. It has probiotics and healthy fiber, PhytoFood supports the regulation and optimization of your digestive system; which improves your overall health and helps to reduce your weight.

  • Super greens, Intra naturals – it has more than 20 organic veggies ingredient, including organic spirulina powder and organic barley grass powder. It contains greens plus added enzymes and dairy-free probiotics to help your digestive system.

You can add it to one glass of water or smoothies & have it, it tastes good. Super Greens is a green food powder packed with phytonutrients to give you natural energy. Super Greens includes a blend of antioxidants and detoxifying herbs to help support immune function.

  • Amazing Grass Green SuperFood – it is a health drink made out of vegetables & fruits ingredients, with no added sugar or color , it includes Organic wheat grass, organic barley grass, organic alfalfa, organic spirulina, organic spinach, organic chlorella (cracked cell-wall), organic broccoli, pure organic acai from Sambazon, organic maca, organic carrot, organic beet, raspberry, rose hips, pineapple, green tea, acerola cherry, organic flax seed powder, apple pectin fiber, F.O.S. (from chicory root), L. acidophilus, alpha and beta amylase, protease, lipase, lactase, cellulase, Siberian eleuthero root and peppermint.

Note: Take it as a first drink of the day; simply add 1 scoop of it to one glass of water or juice.

You can also try “New Athletic Greens Grass-Fed Whey Protein”

This is the easiest way to stay fit & healthy with all the required protein & vitamins, it will increase your immunity power & filled your body with high energy. It’s a protein powder & loved by all over the world as people don’t have time to follow a particular diet so this is the best option to balance a healthy diet.


  • All naturals, chemical free, organic ingredients, no added sugar & no artificial color.
  • 100% grass-fed (no hormones, certified GMO)
  • Gluten Free & Cold-filtered (undenatured)
  • 20g of Protein, 2g of Sugar, 3g of Carbs, and 100 Calories
  • Essential Amino Acids, Cofactors, and Other Nutrients


“New Athletic Greens Grass-Fed Whey Protein” comes in three delicious flavors, you can try one by one all taste good, you just need to add one head spoon to one glass of water & you have to take it in empty stomach or you can say it “ your first drink of the day.The flavors are vanilla, chocolate & banana

Are there any side effects of athletic greens?

Well we have to be careful & analytical with reference to this section of athletic greens review as you need to understand that this is an energy drink which carries lots of healthy balanced ingredients & it also has some rules & direction to use, so if you will go against the rules or direction so it may affect your body (not all body types) in some minor aspects.

Some body type are little sensitive to handle unbalanced diet or any other eatables so for them we would like to recommend that you should follow a healthy diet as well as regular dose of athletic greens then definitely it will give you a positive result but as its contain all the natural & organic ingredients along with clinically tested procedures so you don’t need to worry about any side effects.

Averaging customer rating of athletic greens is 4 or 4.5 out 5 & we are glad to know that. While going through to the customer’s review we got to know about their experiences, let’s have a look on that.

  • Many people say that they have experienced a drastic change after using athletic greens, now they are more energetic & they become more flexible towards their work.
  • It helped a lot to lose the weight of all users, within few days they have to lose approximately 3-4 kg
  • Some user says if you consume more water in a day then it works even faster to make you fit & healthy.
  • Digestive & immunity power has increased a lot & they become very much friendly with it, means it is very compatible with their regular diet.

Top Customer Reviews For Athletic Greens Review

  • Astorga – Within five days of taking Athletic Greens I was a new man. No more exertion headaches. I was (am) a machine in the gym. And I haven’t been sick since. It’s been a few years now, and I feel great.
  • Marnie Lyn sure – After 16 months of using Athletic Greens daily, I have only positive feedback. Referred to as “Nutritional Insurance,” Athletic Greens has helped me regain my (previously) great health.
  • M. Davis – I have been taking Athletic Greens for about 4 years now. I just take it with water, but it works well in smoothies and juices too. Some people might not like the taste at first, but once you realize how good you feel after taking Athletic Greens you will continue to take it.
  • Nancy saez – I have been taking Athletic Greens for about two years now, and I cannot be without it. It is the most refreshing drink you can have first thing in the morning; and if you don’t drink it, you will miss it; the body doesn’t feel the same.

According to survey & the review or feedbacks, we are getting from customers, we can say that if you’re are following the instruction properly or taking this energy drink with a proper routine then definitely it will give you positive changes within few months.

As it has all the organic & natural ingredients which make it more safe & healthy for your body, as we know that every human has their pros & cons related to their body so obviously we need to understand that athletic greens will be compatible with all body types or diet but in a different aspects, may be some people feel the same changes at early stage or later on.

Vitamins, proteins & minerals are the key essentials of our body & athletic greens have all of these which definitely going to bring a lot of energy & flexibility in your body, it also increases the immunity & digestive power so “athletic greens actually works”.

Is athletic green a scam?

Athletic greens is not a scam, there are some cons are stated about its side effects but all are rumors which are spread either by competitors or by users who used it for one day hoping for a miracle to happen.

The evidence is available on the product’s ingredients label. You have to be patient with the time & then need to analyze the effects gradually.

What experts say about athletic greens?

Apart from the regular common customers there are many experts & celebrities from different fields are using athletic greens & they have their own perception & feedback to share with you, so let’s have a look on it.

  • Tim Ferris (#1 NY Times Best-Selling Author) – “If you could only use one supplement, what would it be?” My answer is, inevitably, Athletic Greens. It is my all-in-one nutritional insurance. I recommended it in the 4-Hour Body and did not get paid to do so.”
  • Isabel De Los Rios (Author of Beyond Diet) – “I know I’m getting the highest quality vitamins, minerals and nutrition in just one delicious tablespoon each day.”
  • Brent Gleeson (Former Navy Seal) – “I would recommend this product to anyone wanting to increase performance and overall health!”

Athletic Greens Review – Conclusion

So this is our last section of this athletic greens review article & I can definitely give a positive end to “Athletics Greens”, this is the best energy drink in the market which contains a lot of healthy ingredients without any unhealthy factors. It is suitable for all like male, female or for any kind of regular diet; it helps to increase the digestive system, energy level & immunity power.

Athletic greens also play an important role in weight loss process; you will feel fit & healthy, in that way you become stress-free & happy. Talking about price, you may feel it is expensive but don’t compromise with your health, you have to invest your money for the good as you don’t need to buy anything else if you are taking this so you can manage your pocket in that way.