Private Instrument Lessons available: While teaching piano is my specialty, I also can offer lessons in the following areas:

About Private Lessons: 

Each student receives a tailored curriculum based upon their aptitude, willingness, and preparedness. Each lesson will start with some sort of warm up activity such as scales, technical exercises, or finger coordination exercises for young beginners. After warm ups, we usually work on repertoire. I like to have students working on several repertoire pieces at different levels: beginning, in progress, and polishing. Sometimes in lessons if we have time we might work on improvising, composing, singing, accompanying, or music theory.  Daily practice is encouraged. You will receive detailed notes of what was covered at each lesson and what is expected by the next lesson. 

I will accept students as young as 3 years old (potty trained!) and as old as your life will take you. 

Group Piano Lessons: 

Beginner level group classes focus on navigating the piano keyboard and includes $20 per student for 30-45 minutes class, depending on enrollment. Need 3-6 students to sign up. At this time, studio classes are being offered on Zoom only. Group classes include a basic beginning to piano technique, including theory and navigating the keyboard and note-reading. 

Music Theory and Musicianship Classes:  Learn about the building blocks of music. No matter what instrument you play, the study of scales, intervals, notes, phrases, rhythm, chord progressions, and all these nuts-and-bolts of music make learning to play easier and more fun! These building blocks lead to a deeper understanding of the score on the page and therefore makes true musicianship easier to attain. Music theory is awesome!



Cell phone 646-456-7316, email alexandrasdunbar@gmail.com


Alexandra Snyder Dunbar Music Studio (closed group: membership to current and former students only)


Attendance Policy:

Regular attendance to a weekly appointment is expected. 24 hours notice for a cancellation is industry standard. Lessons can be rescheduled only if time is available (with more than 24 hours notice), and excessive cancellations or absences may result in a termination of lessons. Payment for lessons is made in advance, at the beginnings of the month. There is no make-up for missed group lessons. Zoom lessons can be used as make-up lessons as needed. There is ONE built-in make up week for you to use at the end of the term. 


August-December (Fall/Winter Term 2024)

Lesson Rates (tuition based)

$40 for a half hour

$45 Registration and Recital fee

$645 total per semester

$129 Per Month

This image is of me with a student. Both of us are using second cameras which are arial views on fingers. Tihs is a great solution for younger beginners who need to see correct fingering. This is easy to accomplish, simply by signing each device into the zoom meeting and muting the audio in one of the devices.