Collaborative Piano

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I have collaborated as a pianist since I was a child, playing with my siblings and family members. I currently work  with students and faculty in euphonium, tuba, voice, violin, and viola departments at UGA and Piedmont Conservatory. I look forward to learning more repertoire!

As quoted from David Zerkel, tubist extraordinaire, my playing is "very stylish."

Here are my rates for working in the Athens Area: 

$40 per hour (pro-rated half hour is possible)

At UGA: Parking Fee +$3 per hour (minimum one hour, as per parking lot rules)

Meeting at my studio in Five Points (five minutes from Hugh Hodgson School of Music) or after 4:00 PM at HHSOM does not require the parking fee. 

Performances: $30 per performance maximum two short pieces. The fee for more than two pieces is determined on the difficulty and length of the piece. Half hour recital is miniFull recital minimum $150.

Recordings: Rehearsals as above and the recording rate is $50 per hour of studio time. 

Practice tracks:  Casual, voice memo recordings for private use only are $20 per short piece (equivalent to one movement or aria). Recordings for performances or use in lessons are $30, and include one re-do to your specifications. 

Sheet Music: Music should be printed in advance and delivered to me at least one week before the first rehearsal. Music may be sent as PDF as long as the it is a high quality scan and not a photo. 

Contact:, 646-456-7316

Basic Availability for rehearsals: 

-- please inquire --