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Are you having a hard time writing yet another boring essay? Maybe, it's because you've run out of ideas. You need a new source of inspiration to come up with some extraordinary writing techniques. To do that, it is not necessary to hire a tutor. You can find new ideas for your creative writing assignments using EssayBot. How does it work? The algorithm is rather simple. Suppose, you have come up with a great topic but don't know where to start. Just go to the EssayBot website and type in your topic. What happens next is pure magic. You will see an essay with relevant content. The algorithm finds the information that correlates with your inquiry and paraphrases it for you. However, it might be risky to use this content in your writing because of plagiarism issues.

Even though the algorithm paraphrases the content, there is still a high probability of it being unoriginal. The modern plagiarism checkers are quick to detect even the sentences where you use paraphrasing. That is why the safe way of using this resource is getting the needed inspiration. If you are not sure what to include in the body paragraphs, just check what are the possible options using EssayBot. The tool might be a nice way of broadening your view and looking at your topic from a different perspective. Sometimes it is helpful to discover another angle to the issue you explore. It may bring you dozens of new fantastic ideas.


In case you are looking for writing help, the only reliable option is to cooperate with a reputable company. As a rule, you will get a qualified assistant with relevant background in the topic of your assignment. The choice you will make depends on several factors. First, you need to understand what kind of motivation you lack. Do you need some inspiration? Or maybe you need direct guidance from an expert? Or maybe you simply need more time to cope with the task on your own? Once you have answers to these questions, it will be easy to decide which tool you need at the moment. Often students are out of time and energy during midterm and final exams. Do not be shy to use one of the possible options of getting online assistance. If you can get honest recommendations from your friends, start looking for them. They will come in handy during the hot studying season.

EssayBot How it works?

More and more students benefit from using EssayBot to finish writing essays faster. If you haven’t used it so far, you might need a short overview to be aware of all the options that can be helpful. Is this tool your faithful assistant or is it just a fun way to spend your time before you actually start working on your assignment? Let’s fnid out. So, here’s a short definition of EssayBot and its algorithm of work:

How EssayBot Works?

So, it’s a sort of AI that searches for the relevant information on the web when you write an essay. Now, it’s time to see the steps you are going to make if you decide to use this tool. The first thing you will do is writing the title of your essay so that the algorithm would find some relevant facts you need. You can also need an optional descriptive paragraph to make the inquiry more specific. Here’s how it works:

lets start use essaybot

At this point, you can decide whether to use this prewritten paragraph or start writing one by yourself. When you choose the option of the prewritten piece, you will see a pop-up message that suggests that you don’t have to worry about plagiarism issues because Essay Bot is a master of paraphrasing. Then, you need to choose the most appealing paragraph among several variants the tool offers. Then, the algorithm will offer you to paraphrase the paragraph of your choice and add it to the essay. You can also add citations and used sources:

text generation and fix by Essay Bot

After you’ve done paraphrasing and adding paragraphs, you can check grammar and plagiarism. The toll is going to highlight the sentences that are not original. If you do not need a plagiarism check, you can simply skip this step.

you can check grammar and plagiarism at essaybot website

The final step is to save and download your masterpiece. To do that, you need to create an account. There is also the option of buying a premium account that allows you to use additional functions like finding matching citations and downloading your essays as a Word document.

essaybot Sing Up or Login page

If you do not want to buy a premium account, you can watch many videos of students who have found the ways of getting the same privileges from using a free trial version of EssayBot. Alternatively, you can use this tool for inspiration and a quick search of relevant information.

EssayBot videos

EssayBot solves several problems

If you want to finish your essay faster, this video will show you one of the possible ways. Using the premium account at EssayBot solves several problems like finding matching citations, checking spelling and grammar, etc. But is it worth using? Watch and you'll know.

How to copy and paste essay bot without getting premium

You might have heard that there is an option of using the premium account of EssayBot to cope with your assignment faster. It gives you several useful functions but there is a way to use its free version more effectively as well. Find out how and watch this video.