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Often in life, we have to face vaguery and accept it as something we can't avoid. When you make friends with someone, you never know what is going to happen in the future. Will you stay friends forever or will this relationship end by the end of summer? Similarly, when you graduate from school and choose a college, you are not sure if the choice you've made is going to bring you fruitful results. Who knows, maybe you will have to look for another educational institution in a year because the one you are in does not meet your requirements. Life is full of surprises. Obviously, your goal is to avoid the unpleasant ones which include getting bad grades for your assignments. However, it is impossible to foresee the results of your hard work because you never know in what way your teacher is going to evaluate your essay. Nonetheless, there is a way to find out an approximate grade you can get by using an essay grader. Even though it is always difficult to evaluate a creative piece of writing, several basic criteria can help you do it.

You can use an automatic essay grader free to find out the probability of getting a high score. It will come in hand when the stakes are high and your final grade depends on how well you cope with this particular assignment. Naturally, the algorithm does not give you a 100% guarantee that the generated grade is the one your teacher is going to give you. At the same time, you will see the possible drawbacks of your essay, such as too long sentences, wrong usage of words, etc. Everything depends on your level of motivation. If your goal is to score high, you will have enough energy to rewrite the appropriate sentences or even paragraphs. Depending on the tool you choose, the algorithm will show you the spelling mistakes, grammar issues, and even the percentage of plagiarized content in your writing. When you choose an essay grader free, make sure to read the reviews of others who've already used it. You will understand if this tool is worth your attention or not.

Many students are looking for a GRE essay grader as it is an important standardized test that can guarantee admission to the school of your dreams. As you might already know, you will have to write two essays while passing this test. One of the common questions students often have sounds as following: "Will there be a spelling check when I type my essay?" To the great disappointment of all of us, the program used in GRE testing allows only basic computer functions. Therefore, the only thing you can count on is your knowledge. Without a doubt, you need to start preparing for the test in advance. Practice writing essays according to the guidelines of the GRE test. You can find online grading software to help you understand how successful your preparation process is.

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It is worth mentioning that no artificial intelligence will give you the type of comments and tips an experienced writer can. That is why many students choose to cooperate with online tutors. Keep in mind that to make the evaluation process more objective and transparent, there will be two readers of your essays. They have a list with specific grading criteria to make their work easier. When you cooperate with an expert who has been reading GRE essays for many years, you have a higher probability of getting an accurate estimation of what you are going to get on an actual test. Free tools are great for practice, however, only real experts can help you improve your results.