Astronomy Education

. My goal with this project is to empower educators who will foster the development of tomorrows learners, leaders, and explorers. The first residents of Mars may be sitting in your class! There has never been a greater urgency for a scientifically literate populace-and astronomy offers the perfect medium of unification.

Why Astronomy Education?

Science education is undergoing a paradigm shift in content, practice and pedagogy, yet most teachers are ill prepared for this transition. During the No Child Left Behind era, Earth Science was a “catch-all,” low level and non-UC course. After decades of demotion, Earth and Space now comprise the backbone of all science courses, across every grade band. In 2020, all California districts will be required to integrate Earth and Space into Biology, Chemistry, and Physics - yet no support, materials or coursework exist to support teachers in this transition.

This is a work in progress! Please send me ideas or opportunities! I am also happy to speak at your events or to assist with PD.

My name is Christine, and teaching Astronomy has Changed my life, and opened countless doors and windows.

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Currently, this portion is predominately devoted to remote resources.

Also astronomy content by topic, and design challenges.

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High Altitude Ballooning

Interested in launching student experiments?

Check out this AMAZING project!

Launch featured in the French Documentary

My first attempt at Astro Photography

Elementary School Launch

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