Association of Science, Society and Religion



Association of Science, Society and Religion, founded in 1997, seeks to further the dialogue between science and religion. Believing that there cannot be any conflict between them, ASSR holds that only my mutual dialogue and enrichment of both these pillars of human civilization, science and religion, can the human society survive and flourish.

Founded at Jnana-Deepa Vidyapeeth by Prof Job Kozhamthadam, ASSR has been in the fore-front of creative dialogue between scientific openness and religious depth.

Founder and First Director: Prof Job Kozhamthadam

Started at: 1997, at JDV, Pune


Our Partners

JDV Centre for Science-Religion Studies (JCSR)

Indian Institute of Science and Religion (IISR)

Jnanam Publishers

Omega: The Indian Journal of Science and Religion

Science-Religion Sangam, Goa (SRS)

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Association of Science, Society and Religion(ASSR)

Jnana-Deepa Vidyapeth

Ramwadi, Nagar Road

Pune 411014, India