ASSR aims to foster creative interaction between the latest scientific discoveries and the deepest religous wisdom. Right from its inception, ASSR has been actively involved in activities like:

  • Essay Competition

  • Creative Activities for Students

  • Printing Brochures

  • Publishing Books

  • Booklets and Flyers

  • Seminars and Workshops

  • Conferences and Seminars

  • Creative and communicative dialogue

  • Poster Making

  • Talks, Sharing and Meetings

  • Offering short courses on science and religion

  • Video presentations

  • Making meaningful posters in Science and Religion dialoug

Our books and other publications are available for sale.


ASSR attempts to promote the complementary nature of science and religion among young students and seekers. Further it aims to foster:

  • A spirit of open-ended curiosity about the things round them

  • A sense of wonder, joy and hope at the situation of the contemporary world

  • A life of commitment and responsibility especially towards our suffering brothers and sisters.

  • A committed and rigorous academic life that seeks truth at all cost.

  • A genuine search for love, compassion and kindness all around us.

  • A conviction that science leads to truth, just as religion and there cannot be conflict between different truths.

  • A living conviction that humanity today needs both deep-rioted religion and open-ended science for its survival. We need to belong to each other (religion) and be creative and flexible (science)