A S M Lutfor rahman rabbi

Intend to build up an interactive career with challenging and responsible assignments providing the improvisation of my skill, hard work & honest dedication


A S M Lutfor Rahman Rabbi, a 24-year-old guy who prefers to get calls with his nickname ‘Rabbi', volunteer & organizer of many voluntary projects, is a young professional currently working as a Senior Executive Engineer of Technical Support in Technolive.

After completion of my undergraduate program, at the beginning of 2017, he joined a firm as an Executive Engineer in Technical Service Division where he was trained to develop the computer systems and networks including artificial intelligence with speech, visual and textual analysis. He worked with both hardware and software together to create comprehensive systems. He got in hand training, on the systems of computer networks and software programming languages, so that he can work in web application tasks. He also learned to provide customer support for various related problems with the possible area of solutions. Under this AI-based actionable intelligence company, He had assisted successfully in several projects. He had satisfied the management with his performances and professionalism. They rewarded him with a promotion within 11 months and transferred him to their sister concern as a Senior Executive Engineer of Technical Support, which he is continuing currently. After his promotion, he already has worked on various projects with many world-recognized companies in line to provide his company services. He is highly interested to go through with further studies in this field for the best career.

Rabbi loves to keep the tags as a volunteer, entrepreneur, social worker, YouTuber, anchor with his name. He worked with many voluntary organizations since higher secondary life. He worked with Jaago, Volunteer for Bangladesh, 1° Initiative, Mastul, Rokto Shoinik, and so on. He is the former anchor of Youth School for Social Entrepreneurs (YSSE) seminars.

In the year 2015, Rabbi formed a social organization named Somporko Bangladesh, a sister concern of Agrojatra Shomaj Unnayon Songstha with some of his friends and currently acting as the Admin of Volunteer Affairs there.

Rabbi loves to interact with people. In 2017, He with his friends formed ‘Lime Leaf,’ a tech review & travel vlogging related YouTube Channel, where he is working as head of voice personnel, content design & scriptwriting.

Rabbi always dreamt of being an engineer. He has a BSc degree in EEE from American International University-Bangladesh (AIUB). Besides, Rabbi is Concert Lover & Travel Addict!