Hi, I'm Ash Peterson, a creator in Chicago

I am a multimedia journalist with a particular interest in accountability and justice-oriented stories.

I have published pieces with Prism and Sierra Magazine as a freelance reporter and previously worked as an intern at More Perfect Union, where I used my graphic design and reporting background to create informative social media posts and articles designed to engage working people.

News Reporting

I acted as Editor-in-Chief for Columbus State University's student-run news organization for nearly two years. In this position I continued to write and illustrate for The Uproar.

In the summer of 2020, I covered CSU’s plans for reopening in the midst of the global pandemic. I found that faculty were concerned, so I wrote an article detailing the events of a tense meeting between faculty and the administration. Within days of its publication, the school clarified some of its policies to add more protections for employees.

Social Media & Graphic Design

I created this poster to advertise WBHF Radio's 75th birthday celebration. The station was founded in the 1940's, and I was inspired by advertisements from that era.

Columbus State University's news source was originally called The Saber. After realizing that name had Confederate roots in 2020, I assisted with a total brand overhaul so that we could come into our new name, The Uproar.

I created the new banner for our website and changed out any instances of our old name along with our site URL.  

Website before rebrand

Website after rebrand

Additionally, I changed all of our social media accounts to have consistent usernames and profile pictures.

I established a consistent style for The Uproar/The Saber's Instagram posts.

Radio & Podcasting

I produce 14 radio news stories a week for WBHF, and I had the pleasure of hosting The Uproar's podcast, Uproar Radio. I love using audio to tell stories and communicate complex issues.

I sat down with Matthew Moon for an episode of Uproar Radio to discuss Electric City Café, a virtual concert experience showcasing artists local to the Chattahoochee Valley.  

This is part one of a two-part story I wrote reflecting on the Blizzard of 1993. I spoke with local survivors and utilized archives from the Bartow History Museum to tell their stories. 

This is a promo I recorded for Uproar Radio, to be played over WCUG soundwaves.

 Local environmental organizations said Georgia Power's plans to close a local ash pond would risk contaminating groundwater with toxic chemicals. I attended the EPD's online hearing to learn more and gather perspectives from attendees.