Empyrean Realms - Soul Taker's Redemption

Soul Taker's Redemption

Release Date: 24th December 2019

This is the first book in the Empyrean Realms series and will be followed by Soul Taker Reborn.

Therion is not like the other angels. Where they are silver and light and seemingly sunshine itself, he is blood and shadows. But then, he is a redeemer — originally from the Dark Realms, he is a dark-angel that changed allegiances in his search for something he prizes more highly than the exquisite experience of taking souls — his freedom.

He may have been created to hunt souls, but now he protects them. And when he encounters the human Jayden Thaneton, he finds there is no soul he is willing to protect more. But the god of the Dark Realms, Ceri-talen, wants her too. Resisting the urge to feed on a soul like hers is a constant struggle for the dark-angel. While Jayden may not realise what's at stake, Therion knows precisely what Jayden will lose if Ceri-talen gets a hold of her. Everything. Everything she was, everything she is, everything she has the potential to be.

Hated by both sides, he stands between the darkness and the light, a foot in both worlds and welcomed by neither. Yet, Therion would have it no other way.

Listen to the music that inspired the book on this Soul Taker's Redemption by AS Hamilton playlist.

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Soul Taker Reborn (Title to be confirmed. Book 2 in the Empyrean Realms series).

Due Date: 2020 (To be confirmed).

Soul Taker's Revenge (Title to be confirmed. Book 3 in the Empyrean Realms series).

Due Date: 2021 (To be confirmed).

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