Created by AS Hamilton as part of her Andarean realms, may-en-ghi are an ancient race related to dragons. In fact, once, long ago, they served them. Although their form is similar to a big cat they have scaled coats and feathery manes. Two horns also arc back from their majestic head.

'May-en-ghi' means silent death in Andarean and it describes these formidable hunters well. In addition to being stealthy hunters, may-en-ghi have the ability to camouflage themselves.

Forest may-en-ghi are black, while Plains and Desert may-en-ghi are tan and gold. What is most amazing about may-en-ghi scales and feathers is that if a Plains may-en-ghi walks into a dark place, such as a cave, her scales will darken. This change flows through to her mane and tail until, after just a few moments, she is almost invisible. As they grow older, may-en-ghi learn to control this ability to camouflage, so they can do it at will.

May-en-ghi are not only sentient, they have talent (magic), like the elvan. They can speak mind-to-mind and use their talent to traverse planes just as elvan do. The may-en-ghi share a communal mind. They all know each other's thoughts and how they are feeling. For this reason, the entire community decides on their laws.

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